Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why Evil Always Wants To Trump Goodness

Evil is evil and it does what it is.
When a person's filled with it, that's what they do ~ evil things stem from evil an heart and ungodly thoughts.
Just as it's best not to believe a liar – even if it's ourselves! – we behoove ourselves to seek Truth.
Since we've been fed lies since birth, this can be difficult, for not knowing truth except in theory and not application. Only when Truth is welcome into our lives and being can be begin to see it – begin to realize things aren't what we were taught or assumed them to be and Life thru the eyes of Truth is valuable, worthy of our pursuit!
The sinful nature of a person strives to keep the upper hand over truth, selling itself to lies, finding itself more enslaved than ever.
Those who tend to want to be in control are usually the ones unworthy and unfit for the position.

Left to our own devices we will never become who or what we can be with the holy Spirit of God working in us and we allow Him to lead us.

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