Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seeing Eye to Eye, or a Black Patch?

The first True Grit movie had John Wayne wearing his black eye patch on his left eye.

In the remake of the movie Bridges wears the eye patch on his right eye.

Does it matter one, way or the other, which eye is covered?

Does it effect the way one views life, themselves and/or others?

Is it true that we see through the right eye differently than the left eye? If they're connected to the opposite side of the brain, it seems that would be factor. The right hemisphere considers things different than the left hemisphere.

If they (Wayne and Bridges) were to look straight on - eye to eye - what would they see? Each would be facing a patch, they would have to adjust their eye to see the eye of the other.

Is that telling of the times we live? When we only see through one eye we are not getting the fuller picture or view of what's going on. There needs to be a cleansing, a healing, a disinfecting, realignment of "seeing."

True Grit is a character quality that represents courage, fighting for fairness, enacting justice and persistence beyond the normal humdrum lack of zeal. Where it was highlighted in the first movie there seems to be a darkness in the latter (you can tell the difference by feel of the photos).

Each characters in the movie had their failings and quirks of personality, but the focus was not on the crudeness, but accomplishing and making things right with what was left over.

Scripture shows the blunders, wrong choices and selfish ambitions of many characters too - real life humanity at it's worst and best.

God reveals to us that it's only through Him does True Justice Reign. His Ruling is Just, Fair and based in Love. No darkness or crudeness, but Purity and Light - no shadow turning.

Those in the past who put their faith and trust in the Truth, the Lord Himself, were granted God's favor regardless of their failings or sinful bent. They realized their limitations and their need for God's SuperNatural empowerment to rise to the occasion, whatever it might be.

So, whether you wear a patch or not, can see or not, there is a God in Heaven who sees it all! May He guide and direct your heart, your mind and soul.

Guard your heart with all diligence
for from it flow the wellsprings of life
and out of it are the issues thereof.
(Paraphrases) Proverbs 4:23

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