Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Son of Perdition" Rejects Israel

God will not be mocked ... and when a mere ignorant or rebellious shell-of-a-man goes up against God or against His beloved, there will be consequences.

This is Israel today:

This is what it was before 1967 and what the 'son of perdition' wants Israel to revert back to. Basically giving it over to the Islamic rule and his kin, the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is equivalent to the Government taking your property, halving it up and giving it to your neighbor the land baron who's bent on getting rid of you and taking all of your property!

Are we Americans supportive of this?

Huckabee speaks on this recent betrayal of American's ally.

Is this stance against Israel ignorance of just fulfilling his role of being 'the son of perdition?'

'Thanks' go up, for those who still stand and speak with boldness the Truths of God and the Rightness of Interiority.

NO baloney for Mahoney!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who's Responsible for Evil in this World?

In an academic environment where human nature is consistently described as a product of "social conditioning," Dr. Zacharias and Os Guinness seek to counter this notion from a theological and a historical standpoint.

In February 2010, Dr. Zacharias and social critic Os Guinness convened at the Atlanta Civic Center to address the problem of evil from a Christian perspective.

This message and question and answer session is available in a two DVD set at the RZIM store: