Monday, April 25, 2011

Does It REally Matter Anyway?

With the many changes and directions flip flopping and being distorted, we realize one thing: Either we're on the wrong road to destruction or Man-made Utopia really can become a reality! We can all be "one" ... or at least if we're one of those left over to be one - after the non-conformers are done away with!

Collective secular humanism has been from old. Tower of Babel Collective thinking, and Nimrod mentality.

The question that we might consider is are we "replaying" a history that is going to end up better than it did the first time or are we caught in the spin-tail cyclone going down with increasing in speed at every loop!!

"I won't listen, I won't ... I won't!" One day we won't have to ... or will we?!!

"Let us hear while we still can hear and understand ... lest we become enslaved in ignorance and apathy."

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