Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wrong Colors and Images

The is not the new and improved America, as we're being "led to believe." It's something much different.

This is the emblem placed in front of a podium that's suppose to signify America. Notice the colors and symbols.

Here's a pin worn on a tie of the person behind that podium.

Here's some similar colors and symbols:

Russian flag - notice the colors, how they match the podium colors.

Notice the crescent circle symbol that matches the podium theme above.

President Reagan didn't have that symbol on his podium, instead just the American Flag in the back.

Would he 'approve' of Commie Red or lesser blue or Islam crescent moon symbols? I don't think so!!

Here's our American Flag. Bold Blue, white white and Red Stripes symbolizing the blood shed to preserve Freedom! And stars for "50" states, not "57"!

Who deserves to change something that isn't their's!

No one, nor does any 'divisive group' has that right. Especially Communistic - Islamic Socialist who are our enemies! Aren't we to fight against that!!

Which is American and which isn't?

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