Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When Will WW3 Be?

Does Scripture predict WWIII?
How does those dictating today, manipulate the decisions of political rulers and heads of state, plan to use chaos for their own means of control and power?

Comments regarding this show:
  • osama bin laden is in washingon JOKE is that this cia operatives woes became US president OBAMA-OSAMA blind people can not se that famous SO CALL terorist is in US in white house!

  • I undertand perfectly, If it is true that Obama is behind the Muslim Brotherhood, then we Americans must realize that Obama could most seriously be a plant within the White House to systematically destroy America from within while breaking and/or damaging ties with America's allies. After 911 Osama, informed Americans that we would be brought down from within & one cannot get anymore "within America" than President. Actions scream; Obama is anti-Israel and Christ while being very pro muslim.

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