Sunday, February 20, 2011

Turn ON the LIGHT OF TRUTH! Please.

Notice how he looks down for his "justification" then 'belittles' the person questioning him ...
Like a Cockroach or Parasite hiding when the light shines on him.

Watch at your risk:

Are The Wild Teacher Protests In Wisconsin A Prelude To The Economic Riots That Are Coming To America? Have you seen video of the teacher protests that are going on in Wisconsin? We haven't seen anything like this in America in quite some time. If you haven't seen video of the protests yet, some very good raw footage is posted below. On the one hand it is good to see Americans coming together and standing up for what they believe in, but on the other hand what these teachers are freaking out about shows just how much America has changed. These teachers are not protesting for liberty, freedom or to change the government.

We can 'understand' and "see" why the LORD will cleanse the earth ... again!

This time with FIRE.

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