Monday, February 7, 2011

Proud to Sing The "American National ..." what is it again?

Ramparts: A defensive wall of a castle or walled city, having a broad top with a walkway and typically a stone parapet > a defensive or protective barrier, fortified.

Original 16th cent.: From French: take possession of again ... prepare.

In her 'flub' maybe she was stating more of the truth than she realized!

With all this "wheeling and dealing" and disarming, telling Russia where Allies missiles are hidden and reducing our power muscles, our Ramparts are being tour down from within.

Instead of the Berlin wall going down, America's 'ramparts' are being shattered and lay waste, by a 3rd world acting president and crew.

PREPARE. Isn't that an "ALERT" word. "MAKE READY" is the code key!

Christina's "proud" substitute correctly names the flaw of the lack of true American Leadership. Arrogance feeds defeat and the proud ... how does that go: "Pride (haughtiness) goes before destruction, but humility comes before honor." Proverbs 18:12

Let us not fall but regroup, and no longer allow the Laws of the Land to be used for evil gain and reinterpreted by the gauntly, intruding parasites. Instead "Flag them!"

Could be too, she unknowingly clued us onto another National Anthem that goes:

It's Russia's.

This sparked some much emotion there where over 600 article
comments and the top ones read "Comment flagged as offensive."

Interesting that they were "flagged."

The American Flag stands to allow this right.

And where better to "foul up" but at the Super Bowl!

She was throwing in the yellow "foul flag" without consciously realizing it, but it was cast out noticeably.

Once again, telling signs of the times in which we live.

Where the free are free, because of boldness and, of course, being "Under God," not under the enemy, which is working even now to destroy us.

Instead of fighting overseas, we need to begin at home and secure the inner workings of the very fabric this Country was made and founded upon.

Aguilera states, "I lost my place ..." Maybe it's time for some ruining this country to "lose their place!"

Her hybrid : "What so proudly we watched, at the twilight's last steaming."

Definition: The final text is a hybrid of the stage play and the film.

From the Latin: 'offspring of a tame sow and wild boar, child of a freeman and slave, etc.

How much more need we know?

Why go GREEN when we already have RED, WHITE AND BLUE!

And raise the green, fluttering flag,
Carrying the emblem of Light!
Repeat - God is greatest!
O my country,
My country, may you always live,
The glory of all Muslims!
Long live the King,
For the flag and the country!

May our True KING OF Kings and LORD OF Lords take charge officially, and "Ump"!

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