Saturday, February 19, 2011

Believing a LIAR Will Make you Stupid!

"God doesn't give us anything, we earn it!"

Did you 'earn' air to breathe? Did you 'earn' anything that made your body, your parents, the earth you live on, did you make the stars or construct the sun ... did you do anything to 'earn' life?

What we really earn is something that the lie ignores to mention ...

"For the wages, what we earn (disbelieving God = living in sin) is death" and after that eternal judgment ... life with or without God (Love). We choose.

His WAY, which is payment made in full for us, or separation from God for eternity.

Either we live eternity with 'hate' and those we can't stand to be around or let God's Love change us so that we can live LIFE ETERNAL WITH LOVE!

So, if you're hoping to see your loved ones after this existence, you best go where Love abides!

If you're not living for LOVE now, you can, TODAY!

It's a gift from God, un-earnable - so no one can boost!

"By God's GRACE you are saved through Faith; and that not of yourself ... but is a gift of God!" Eph 2:8

You can't 'earn' something you can't do,
but you can earn something by Pride you don't want!

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