Friday, January 14, 2011


The UNIX system of my computer had a "panic attack" the other day - experienced an 'issue' - that prompted a message stating that I needed to "RESTART". I know how it feels!

And, after taking care of the "issue" I now feel like it 'understands' me a little better - In this world and life, my kernel gets weirded out every now and again and I need to RESTART too!

For the iMac to 'restart' you have to hold down the power button or press the "Restart" button if possible. It can be very complicated: "any time that you must force restart your computer, using either the power button or the Control-Command-Power key combination. The kernel panic text is added to the log the next time you restart the computer, assuming that you have not reset PRAM at the same time (the kernel panic text is stored in PRAM until you restart)."

This computer is man-made, how much more complicated are we humans when we come to a point of a "panic attack?" If we don't RESTART, or begin again, after being corrected, do we just go 'numbly' along not cognizant of our "meaningless and disconnected looping!"

Just as the Mac designers of this operating system know how it's suppose work and find ways to troubleshoot when it doesn't work correctly - keeping track of it's performance and logging problems - who or what oversees us?

We come, or are born, into a world and reality of space, matter and time with a basic 'operating system' in tack which begins downloading all kinds of information - RAM whether true or not. As we develop and grow, we get feedback of our progress or lack of by those around us, or those who've come before us.

Just as the designers of this computer, that has flaws or needs constant updating, upgrades, downloads etc. our beings too need "maintenance" work. It a computer has a flaw from the beginning it needs to be corrected and restarted. It may need to be re-written.

The nature of this world and our nature has been given over to a virus that needs to be purged. The virus is subtle, divisive and deadly. So convincing, that we believe that it's 'our default' program. But this virus prevents us from "connecting with and read" the signal being sent from the true Life's Main Frame.

Our systems needs to be corrected and the original program of the Atom (Adam) must be re-installed - which will help prevent "panic attack kernel issues." We will be given "protective" refinement "adjuster" (internal modem) with super-duper applications for better performance - free of darkened influences.

What's the virus? SIN (Alienation/separation from our True CREATOR - who is our Real Life Source).

What's the solution? Rebooting, reprograming, rewriting OS (Transforming/reconnecting) and RESTARTING!

Since the insidious SIN program virus cannot be fully erased there will be 'echos' and 'lure shadows' that continue to attack your being. So, like your computer, you will need continual upgrades, troubleshooting tool and applications to keep you in a "stable, functional and loving mode!"

Where do you go or what do you do to get this done?

We need to go to the "heart of the matter." We need to plug into the Super Natural Light Source ... of Creation's very Heart!!

This upgrade and RESTART is FREE and guarantee is good into Eternity! This upgrade is necessary and will be worth your decision in the long-run.


Inside of the heart of your being, your soul, the Designed has placed a "SOS" button. Activated when your operating system is "attentive" to connecting by way of a alternate adaptor. This adaptor is required to connect and receive from the Designer.

The Designer connects directly to your heart drive ignites a Super Natural charge that begins to rewrite over the infected/virus ridden code, regenerating your processing relays (to enable communications), block and restrict previous corrupt default programs, regains contact with your software and applications - you are then RESTARTed in the Patched-Orginal Design Life.

Secret Heart Code Call out S.O.S signal: H...E...L....P
State the problem: "Panic kernel attack due to disconnection with true Designer - SIN/Lie issue."
Request: Defected, need program code rewritten, updates, installation, RECharged and RESTART.
Passkey Word: LOVE
ID REQUEST NAME: (Lord) Jesus Christ

Press "Enter."

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