Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Parts of The Body of Christ

What part of the Body ...?

Some believers are part of the 'funny bone' because they seem to always have something funny to say, or make you laugh.

Others, are part of the head, because they tend to be very thoughtful.

Some of the heart, and you know that right off.

Others, the hands because they are 'handy' to have around!

The feet, because they're always on the move spreading God's Word.

The mouth, because they speak Blessings on you and Words of Life.

Some are of the gut, because they have a 'gut feeling' of what's right to do and what's best!

The eyes; those who 'see' the workings of the Holy Spirit and understand the Truths of God's Word in this life and reality.

Others are arms, for they wrap them around in love and comfort you - lifting you up!

Some are located in the knees, for they tend to be on them often in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving!

The elbow type of people are those who touch/nudge you to make sure you're "catching" what's going on and make sure you're alert!

Others are those 'behind' sort, who like to make sure things are cleared out, the trash - throw out and discard. The clean-up crew!

Some are the backbone, they do what's right even though it may be difficult and help support you to do the same - following God's Will and purpose for you and your life.

Others are the lips that kiss you on the cheek or smile at you a lot!

The toes; for they help stabilize the Body and keep you going forward - helping to balance you as you move along your journey.

Then there are the members of the body that seem invisible. Those so full of God's Spirit they move about doing His works unseen by the natural eye. Those whose tenderness and love are ever so quiet, yet impact-ful. The stomach, the intestines, the lungs, the veins, arteries, the cells that all work for the functioning of the Body's health and well-being.

But, the best part of the Body is the Head. For as Christ is the Head of the church so is He the Head of this Body of believers that the Holy Spirit has engrafted in and sealed.

Together all function in unison of the Fruit of the Spirit. Growing, developing and being cleansed daily by the Word of Truth and Faith, grounded and rooted in Love, Joy and Peace!

* You may have more that come to mind - add to the list!

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