Monday, January 31, 2011

Dead Churches - "Be Revived!"

If Jesus were to attend your church would He be put to sleep!

Or "Clapping with approval!"

Have you been, or are you, attending a 'dead church?'

How do you even know if it's dead ... are there signs?

What is a dead church! and can it be revived?

Jesus spoke of this in Revelation 3. He didn't mix words, He came right out and told one of them they were dead, asleep and to wake up! Another, He stated that it was so luke in temperature that He was going to spit it out of his mouth! Meaning the church was no longer abiding in Him, so it was dead - why keep something dead around, especially since He's the God of LIFE!

Men and women of God need to be filled with the Living Word of God - under the power and control of the Holy Spirit - not their own fleshly glorifying self of fake humility.

You know the difference, if you're spiritually alive. If you have been "quickened" in your spirit, made alive by the Holy Spirit of God - given a jump start in your spiritual battery - you can discern whether a "Service" is a ritual/'going thru the motions' time or Spiritually alive and vibrant!

To attend a dead church is a waste of time and actually, unhealthy for your spiritual growth! It's like eating stale bread, it has no nutritious value and deceives you, like junk food, leaving you full of nothing. God doesn't want that! The LORD wants His substance filling you, casting out the junk and fakeness that is of this world's baloney!

Just as our body was created to cleanse itself, by the blood and eliminating waste, so is the Body of Christ. His blood is pure in Spirit - when taken in by His Word of Life we are cleansed and made whole!

Some of these dead churches are run by good meaning people who aren't 'anointed' by God's Spirit or have lost their 'salt.'

God is a God of renewal! Turning one's attention back to Him, who is alive, instead of dead manna (Scripture made void), the LORD can "breathe" afresh upon a church, a pastor, it's leaders, it's attendees!

Instead of blaming the people for not showing up, or the devil, the leader is best to crack open their hardened heart and ask God to fill it anew. Not to be the dead leading the dead, but God's true men and women speaking His Words - not their own or that of religious factors and sects!

Jesus doesn't need a building to reside when He has your heart to breath fresh life into!

"Forsake not gathering together" ... but "gathering in His Name and His Presence!" Not for the sake of attending for attendance sake!

A vessel is only as good as what is in it. If it's void, it pours out nothing. If it's full, what's the worth or value of the ingredients? If it's filled with fresh, clean living Water, God's Word and Life, that will be poured out to overflowing - life giving.

Just as Christ informed us not to eat the blood of animals, let us not eat the stale bread of deadness. Nor, feel burdened to support such a thing!

Remember the old saying, "Don't eat the bread of 'idleness!' Similar.

The LORD God provided manna {Supernatural bread} for the Exodus travelers. May He continue to feed us as well in these lean days!


Without Him it's boring and of little value!

Instead of being dead to Life, be dead to the world and sin.

REAL LIFE is Eternal!

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