Tuesday, October 5, 2010

UFO Closes Chinese Airport

Yesterday I posted some thoughts about UFO's and the real source behind them, or in them. Today we see in the news, Drudge Report, that because of a UFO a Chinese Airport was shut down for around an hour, until it flew away.

Now if they are our friends, they should be more considerate to not 'restrict' and 'hamper' air traffic (putting a cog in the system). This act is a good example showing that they are not who we "hoped" them to be.

UTube has a number of similar recorded sighting in China.

These unearthly occurrences probably answer part of the equation of where the new World leader originates from.

In line with a virgin birth of Christ (because the antiChrist mimics Him, but without Love and true Godliness), this part human/spirit entity (given birth thru an abduction and inseminated of a human female) having super human (demonic) power. Mind bending, spirit leading and enslaving - strong desire to be Worshipped as God.

If you don't believe the beginning: "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth ..."
What will it take for you to believe the lie? Nothing.

God didn't create junk, but becomes 'junk' without Him.

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