Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ripping and Splintering Storm

A storm ripped through this patch of pine trees, on an AZ Rim top, with no regard for anything but its own path. Some trees were spared other not.

You can see the remains of the winds strength and "force" like a swiping across the way arm, splintering anything it came in contact with as it swept through.

Like this storm, storms come into our lives having devastating effects on relationships, jobs, material possessions, health, well being, the list is endless.

What, if anything, can we do to prevent from being one of those 'taken out' or damaged recipients of a passing storm through our life?

The Word of God states to "call upon Him" in times of need. But, if we call for protection and direction first when there is no storm, we might be one of those trees standing - able to help other who've splintered.

So, call out to the Lord while you still can, before the next storm hits or "now" if you're in a storm. If He cares about a sparrow falling, He cares even more for you, who He calls His child!

"Lord, 'help us' to call out to You. Your Peace shield us and join us together in the matrix of your Love, in You, our Kingdom Redeemer, our Life. Amen."

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