Friday, October 1, 2010

Revised Roman Empire

Yes, this economy is being forced down the tubes to bring in the 'un-progressive' ego-mania world government. Those who consider themselves the "Elites" don't bother themselves with us little people - as long as they get theirs and get the best. Nothing new under the sun.

That's why I was inspired to arranged the show "Back to the Tower of Babel" that can be viewed on my UTube channel. This "plan" of Globalism has been from old and the same unGodly spirit is behind it. The "collective" under the rule of evil.

Creator God is a promoter of liberty, justice and those things listed in our Constitution. The Nimrod mentality is control, restraint and restrictions (lying, blaming, conniving) - some believing they're better than others and therefore, they should rule.

This thought is not held in God's eyes because He Loves each one of the same and He doesn't respect one over another. But just like us, He likes some more than others!

We American's wanted a 'change' for the better not the worst. This problem could've been solved easily by giving each tax payer 50K, instead of giving it to the corrupt and padding their own pockets - the debt would've been much less. A local independent businessman - who runs a towing biz - stated that to me when all these money grabs (feedings) were taking place.

Instead, those 'elites' took possession of what wasn't theirs, nor granted by the people to do. But, that's the real plan - make America fall so that the Global Control Heads take over. Many politicians are part of the problem, who deem it their right to make life decisions for the masses - I wish AZ would've kicked one out! - but most of them are just pawns (Rush talked a little about that).

How do I know all this? Scripture tells us that in the end times/last days there will be a world ruler and ten divisions under him - no longer separate entities, but collective in nature - like the Tower of Babel, all under 1 head and rule. A revised Roman Empire - an Emperor and his Caesars (why are Czars coming in, aren't those found in Russia?).

When Christ comes back (literally) to rectify things (more like the way we wanted "change" to occur, before being deceived ... again), LovingKindness will be the order of the Day - proceeded by a removal of the disdainful establishment.

Instead of Hoping in a Utopia that is imaginary and fake - corruption cannot manifest Godliness - there's coming the Real KING who will step forward and clean up the mess. I don't think many so-called "serving" (ripping off and enslaving) the public 'elites' will remain in leadership positions. If anything there will be alot of openings!

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