Sunday, October 10, 2010

Original Movie "Atlantis: The Lost Continent"

If you remember this movie "Atlantis: The Lost Continent" [1961] it may bring to mind things that are going on today, especially in the DNA world.

The "sinister chemists" were experimenting on slaves (who worked in the crystal mine). Those experimental slaves [who lived] had animal DNA combined with their human DNA, resulting in actual pigs feet, bull heads, wings or whatever the "warped" scientist could imagine, purposed to increase the work output and worth of the slaves.

"In a dark take-off of a trope from Pinocchio, the sinister chemists of Atlantis are turning slaves into bull-men, complete with snouts, ears and horns. The motive is apparently a strong-like-bull labor force who don't question commands. While not explored much within the script, such tampering is yet another reason for God's justice upon Atlantis."

At the time of this movie, these experimentations and procedures weren't explained as "altering DNA" or cloning, but as Science Fiction sometimes foresees into the future, that's what was going on!

Interesting too that the "Solar Crystal" is a major focus of harnessing power to be used to take over the world (you can read more about this movie

Ask any New (Old) Ager and hear about the supposed crystal power.

May be the time to watch this movie again, or for the first time and see what Science Fiction back then has become our reality today!

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