Wednesday, October 20, 2010

God Is Not Religious

Many of us are sick of Religious doctrine and controlling lies.

Instead of true hope and freeing us to unite with God, it's bondage, restricting and blinding.

God is Not Religious.

He doesn't have to be, HE's GOD!

He doesn't expect or even want us to be Religious.

He does want us to "Believe Him" instead of living a lie and being proud of it!

The World system turns us away from God and HIS Truth and Provision, i.e. LIFE!

God is our BEST FRIEND. He Loves us more than we love ourselves!

His Truth "frees" us to know and recognize HIM. True reality to realize it's "RELATIONSHIP" not "Religion."

Live the Transformed Life! Let Him change you, your very being made fresh and new, even into Eternity!

"Come Truth, Come!"
Be of Good Cheer .. for He has overcome the World!

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