Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

Listen to some music while you read.

Old and wise saying ...

Being caught with "mud on face!" reveals inner self.

Are humans "inherently good?" If so why are we so quick to ugly pride and arrogance? Anger is the feeling and hate arises to light the eyes, instead of love and compassion!

Like the young boy who leaned against a man, thinking he was his dad, hoping for some comic books. Turned out it wasn't his dad and he was embarrassed when he realized - not his dad. We lean against the wrong source and expect good things and love to come from it.

We think evil thoughts toward others who really do love us and justify ourselves and our behaviors as being "above" them. We listen to thoughts that are disdainful and think them great, because they puff us up and feed our wanting ego!

We judge others harshly but expect to be applauded for our decisions and actions, or excused without asking. We act demonic and are proud it ... but deep in our true heart we know we are sick and infected and we cover ourselves.

It's as though we are battling something that we can't determine by our natural senses. It's supernatural.

We see evidence of corruption in high and lowly places daily, even within ourselves, family and friends. No "evolution" exists to change, transform, the nasty nature of mankind. We need a transfusion a transfiguration.

Wouldn't it be nice to live the High Scale Life, just by the mere acceptance of facts and realities - a higher realm of reasoning! Good news: You can.

When you realize that we all have an inherited nature of sin (pollution) that flows thru our being we can begin to understand why we behave and think the way we do.

When the "switch" of our life is turned off and we are no longer here in this world, then what?

There is a place that God has prepared for His beloveds, those who lean into Him! You can choose that place! Say "Yes" to your real Father.

If you say 'no', expect Judgement and the book of your life opened to the Judge - all of you laid bare.

"Not Fair!" you might say. You get what sow.

You are not your own, you were bought for a price and either you receive that gift or you don't.

You didn't create this world or even yourself. You came in with nothing and that's the way you'll go out.

What's your Eternity? Where do you choose to spend it?

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