Monday, October 4, 2010

Are UFO Aliens Really "Fallen Angels?"

The scene: You're talking with someone and all of a sudden they disappear. Can that happen? And if it does, "How" and "Why?"

The UN now has a Ambassador who's job is to talk with the Aliens when they come and contact us humans - like they haven't already. It's funny, because the other day I wrote "Who would you take the Aliens to if they asked you to 'Take them to your leader?'" I surmised that there was no leader to take them to, so the UN decided they better give that position to someone (of their own kind, mindset and indoctrination).

Evil will plant the seed that when Believers in Christ are Raptured - taken up bodily - that Aliens in UFO's are to be given the "credit." Why? Because Christ followers won't conform to the LIE (Anti-Truth) that will come upon the whole Earth - the deception of the World. Not that we couldn't be deceived but God chooses us not to be involved with the great deception that even the "elect" might fall (see: falling away).

No "Beam me up Scotty" in this case. But, similar to when Jesus was taken up - in His Resurrected body.

You might like Science Fiction ... we are living in those Days.

If you can believe Star Trek, Star Wars or that we are Alien or Super Intelligent Cosmic "plants" you can have the courage to call out to the Real SUPER God - THE True Redeemer and Eternal LIFE!

When evil plans, it plans well. For its lived longer on this planet than any of us, excluding Christ that is. For the Word of God, Christ Jesus, was with God and was God, before the beginning of time (which God created).

All things were made by Christ who knew the beginning from the end. Just like you know certain things - but on a far smaller scale than an ALL KNOWING GOD!

Not by man or by demons will God's people be 'taken up.' Instead, by TRUTH.

Enjoy your NEW LIFE - throw out the rubbish.

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