Tuesday, August 17, 2010

God's Holy Spirit Speaks

A gentle summer breeze speaks to me

the wisdom of God.

Being complete in fellowship and oneness,

living in His perfect will.

God's Spirit warns me when need be.

My sense of restraint, activated,

as the Spirit gives.

So amazingly gentle is His way and breath.

Be sensitive to detect His voice.

Quench it not, by any means.

Your spiritual life be not impaired.

Look forward, as you plow along the way.

The past, so many years ago, is gone.

Walking in the Light presents new wonders,

as God's fellowship and oneness reveals.

What do we do if we walk out of His light?

Begin calling out to Him in song of Praise.

Cast away what inhibits this closeness,

this oneness with True Life.

Be as gentle as the summer breeze.

Rustling the leaves in musical delight,

as you pass by, along the way.

Hand and hand with the lover of your soul.

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