Saturday, June 5, 2010

What are Friends ... for?

What Kind of friend are you?

Some friends are like a-part-of-a pie.
Sometime they're crusty and hard,
other times, soft and sweet.

Sometimes the saltiness overrides the sweetness,
or the mixture is just right!

Each has a different flavor, but compliments the One who created 'um.

Some are nutty.
Some fruity.
Some cold but refreshing.
Some are tart, yet invigorating.
Other's are spongy, fluffy, airy, just fun to be with.

All the ingredients that go into a good dessert can be found in a friend!

They love to flour you with kindness.

Encouragement you with substance & the binding action of an egg (Laminin).

Give you a sense of security that they'll be there for you, sweet as sugar.

Add some baking powder to give you a little lift!

Baking soda, just because it helps you keep a clean conscience.

A little Salt to preserve a flavorful friendship.

Oops, wrong salt example!

Speaking God's Words of Truth to you, like anointing oil (healing, empowering, relieving).

Friends together make up one big pie, each a slice adding to the whole!

Now there's other types of dessert and friendships as well!

Sometimes friendships can bring these thoughts out as well:

At times you want to

Whip the pudding out of 'um!

Break 'um like an egg and beat them!

Pinch 'um like salt.

Crush them , like graham crackers, nuts and pretzels to form a base.

Slice, dice and mash them like fruit.

Twirl 'um around until their topping (thinking) is just right.

Add the cherry to top them off to our completion!

What kind of friend is that do you ask?

The ONE who does it the BEST is the Lord God, Who makes and changes us to be good friends.
HE just squeezes us like grapes!

May the Lord Jesus make us the "best Quality friends" ever!!!
Even unto Himself, and His Will!

Making the Best come out of us!

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