Monday, May 31, 2010

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Raw Waste Un-Progressive, Slaves

A realistic consideration of objective thinking is better than believing liars and Constitutional rapist!

UN-Progressive slave mentality is behind these rouses.

All what we hold dear, liberties and freedoms - which other's fought to provide for us - if not secured will be stolen away. Taxes rise, because those in "control" can raise them, convincing the public that it's for the best or just requiring them. 100 % taxation will not satisfy the appetites of "greed" of the progressive corrupt. More is never enough! Which is sister to "give me."

Even the National Parks and conveniences of the Road Side Rest close to reserve funds that "Elects" mismanaged. The honest pay - not those who are the problem. The abusive controllers still have their special galas and events that cost thousands, who are the same hypocrites who say they "care" about starving children. Yeah right.

They remind me of the Pharisees that confronted Jesus, in their human ignorance. First of all they didn't realize "Who" they were talking too and secondly they were proven to be corrupt. They demanded the people to live by the law, but didn't themselves.

Jesus called them whitewashed sepulchers. They appeared upstanding on the outside, but were dead inside and blind, because of sin. Which they denied - another lie. Same thing when we look at present corruption in high places of authority. Raw Waste thinkers.

This same lying and cheating nature is at work today in the United States and around the world, by those who promote/force their way into power and control, and use it against the good of the people. The only answer is 'conversion' = a true chance from evil, by the Wondrous Working Power of God's supernatural character of Good. Changing into more sinfulness is not the answer.

Misunderstanding the intent and the sword of evil doesn't stop it, nor being ignorant of its mission. Understanding (being aware /acknowledging) and taking actions are a 'must' to safeguard against it and them. Just because a person in a high position "says" something, it doesn't mean it's true. Nor should we base anything on it or accept it as Gospel Truth.

The plan is based in "Raw Waste" : Break America, regardless.

Indoctrination: Faith in "change?" (French revolutionist were conned into that too) and socialist passion, which means hate America, is being taught in American schools. Out of the pan into the burning fire. Based on lies not on solid truth. Source: the Father of Lies.

Is this really the answer: A Communism and Socialism sandwiches washed down with Jones' Koolaid? Everyone in poverty except the deluded leaders & Czars?

Laws are to protect the honest from the dishonest. When the dishonest re-write the laws, laws are no longer ... they become enslavement rules and dictates of the ungodly.

When states and citizens uphold Constitutional Law, certain unlawful individuals begin attacking because they lose some of their connived/stolen controls and try everything/anything to take from the good and use it for evil.

Jesus said, if we were not with Him we are against Him. The proof of who these elects serve is evident and it sure isn't the LORD of Truth.

Open up your Rest Stop to the LORD of Creation and close the Rest stops of Black/Whitewash propaganda and lies!

How One Man Came to Know the Truth!

What we've been taught growing up may not always be the truth, for one reason or another. Here's the story of one man who learned.