Saturday, October 24, 2009


With recent "decisions and happenings" dictated by those tainting the USA's good name and character - power grabs by slim and governing parasites - I thought it good to make some new lyrics to the "Imagine" song by Lennon.

I liked the music, but not his drug induced lyrics ~ antiGod and pro-pride and 'feelie good' to do what 'comes naturally' (lusts)!

Do we really want a change of heart and mind for the better, or believe the lies of those who supposedly "represent" us! They proclaim one thing but do the other and threaten non-compliers!

The mouth was made for a different reason then what comes out the back end! But, not for these power and control maniacs!

While looking up the lyrics I noticed that one site had changed "hell" to "people below us." Must not want to offend anyone or speak of such things. Don't want this truth to even be mentioned.

Closing our eyes to the truth is not the reality of this world or the one to come!

"Is" this world and life "really" about us, or is our 'high mindedness' and dilution ... imagination.

New lyrics for:

Imagine there's no corruption,
just give it a try
No Reid, Pelosi or Obama
Above us Truth, not lies.
Imagine real American's
being loving every day.

Imagine there's no evil
very tough to do,
True freedom to live for
quality and liberty too!
Imagine all the people
living in integrity.

If you say this is impossible
you have more sanity than some,
You don't have to join in
the misery of being 'one'.

Imagine no possessions
no wonder if you can!
No hope, only greed and hunger
anti-brotherhood of man.
Imagine all the masses
really 'sharing' all this world!

You may think I am a prophet
But I'm not the only one
I hope today you'll see thru
all the lies of the corrupted 'one'!

Make up your own lyrics, if you please! Remember you can be 'clear minded and grounded in Truth' when you consider your lyrics instead of being an air head or just living an imaginary, wishful thinking, unreality (while stealers and robbers take what is yours and leave you destitute!). Being made a Progressive slave.

The only true and loving way to live is living "in" the reality of the One who holds your life in His hands and your eternity. Truly fulfilling, living in Love, and using your imagination for the betterment of all mankind!

Live On!

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