Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do We "Really" Live in a Fallen World?

Is it true that we live in a fallen world and that's why there's all this unrest, killings, lying, greed, control, power and money grabbing? Or, have we just not evolved out of this 'growing up phase' of human advancement?

Considering the many years we've been working at this as "conscious, intelligent beings," you'd think we would've 'arrived' by now!

In our natural state of "being" human we seem to be "bent on destruction" even though a part of us desires "peace, happiness and good will!" Nation against nation, religion against religion and so on.

Like this little gal. Her cares are for the moment of "Joy" and inner being filled with "Life!" Desiring "Love, Tenderness, Appreciation, a Happy heart with a good future!"

In our society today, aborting a human baby is more acceptable than the thought of aborting a kitten or puppy! "How terrible, such a thought ... aborting a baby kitty or puppy."

But, a precious human baby in the womb, "Oh, that's different, they're not 'real' yet!" but a unborn kitten or puppy are?"

Politicians today state that "human life" need not be protected, unless it's their own skin!

Just goes to show how "programmed" we are becoming. "Numbed" to reality and taken in by the lies of this 'Fallen World' mentality! "Tare Mentality!" ~ weed thinking

Next time you hear about abortions being paid with your tax paying money, think of it as kittens and puppies being aborted instead of real human babies and maybe you'd "react" with repulsiveness to what is going on!

Evil begets evil. Remember ignorant Pagan sacrificing their babies to appease the gods? What kind of god is that who'd require giving a life, who has no voice, as a requirement? That is the god of this Fallen World!

Are we living in a Fallen World? If you say 'NO" you may be too far gone to recognize the truth or care. In which cast you could've been aborted and never existed - of no value - for all that matters! Who are you say?

Life matters. We know this to be true.

For those who've made mistakes in the past (in desperation), but have come to terms with the 'rightness' of protecting the unborn, God forgives and His Grace covers it. We move on, and have a change of heart and mind. We choose to act differently than before, when we were dumb to reality, God's truth. Allowing God to change us, knowing in our fallen nature we cannot.

If you understand the sickness and evidence of this Fall, you'll be better equipped to stand against it! Evil does exist in this Fallen World and calls itself "evolutionary, progressive, diverse" and is hauntingly prideful. Just like it's source, that preys on the innocent and ignorant.

Fight Fallenness by the Power of God's Truth. Sick people need healing, especially when they're taught to 'believe' their "Okay!" when they're not! None of us are. But God IS.

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