Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Is" the New Age Religion Trustworthy?

Remember when Clinton was on trial and he asked, "What the definition of 'is' is?" Now we knew he was 'back peddling' because he was caught lying. He wanted to deflect the focus off himself and placed it in the nebulousness of cloudy thinking - limbo thought - with no foundational truth.

It was revealed that his character was found to be faulty, based on lasciviousness, which he acted on to satisfy his own fleshly desires, regardless of his wife, high office or the respect of the American people.

Nothing new, we each have the temptation to lie or not tell the truth. Whether we choose to act on it or not, is consequential.

In the cosmos of New Age Collective Thought, "is" this (what he did) okay? OR, will this effect his next life?

Will he have to come back as a women and have a philandering, abusive husband in order to teach him the ugliness of his chosen behavior? What if he(she) kills the husband and doesn't get caught.

Before, he was just a fornicator/adulterer and now he/she is a murderer. What was he in the past life, some sort of animal? Is this his rising up the spiritual/evolutionary ladder?

That's a form or type of evolution. For one thing begets another! Instead of growing-up and maturing, we need only to "evolve."

When we were infants, most of us were taught about a Loving God who made everything: us, the earth, the sun/moon/stars, milky-way and even the air we breathed. We were thankful! For we saw and witnessed the beauty of this loving Creator.

As we aged this foundational truth and solidness of good living was being replaced in schools and societal living by another form of thinking stating there was no God - anti-God and Communistic teachings. Instead of honorable behavior, high standards and individual responsibility; drinking, smoking, drugs and promiscuous sex were promoted, especially in the movies and by the entertainment world.

The Love and knowledge of God, was being tossed out and mystical spiritualism of old was coming back in as the thinking of the day, tantalized fleshly appetites. Prompted by "If it feels good do it!. History repeating itself once again, when a upkeep of society's garden is not weeded or maintained, it falls into ruin.

These behaviors and ways of thinking, go against one's conscience and lead to feelings of guilt and shame. Deep down the individual knows what is right to do, but doesn't do it. The farther away one goes from knowing and living the truth of God, the less right living doesn't matter. No restrains or accountability to the True Authority.

The main goal is to "be happy!" But, this "Happiness" is a difficult thing to achieve because it's costly (requires alcohol, drugs, pornography, losing one's marriage and breaking of close and loving family ties), and is enslaving.

Reading the Bible was exchanged for reading mystic cards and palms, consulting the Board game, in attempts to transcend one's earthy body. Searching for real peace and transcending joy is an endless pursuit. Elation, is experienced, fleeting as it is, but no real base - substantial lasting truth and connecting joy.

No longer is there a person named Jesus, nor His Name lifted above all names. We'd been "taught" that he wasn't even real and that the Bible is not the Holy Book of God. That it was written by some Jewish men to control the masses (even though most Jew don't believe Jesus is the Messiah) ... and if anything, was made-up by the devil himself!

Which, if you think about, how can that be? If there's no God then there's no devil either. So why bother evolving? What does it matter?

Truth "is" and truth matters.

Truth doesn't "need" to evolve. For what would it evolve into? A greater Truth. It would still be in and of itself, Truth - it would have to be "true" to it's own being.

We notice in this Country (America the Beautiful) an increase in violence, promoted immorality, lowering of standards and values, which is disconcerting to many of us.

Why are things still so corrupt, after all these years of evolving?

Are we really "learning" what we're "suppose" to learn or evolving into this greater be-ing? Why's it taking so long to rise up the next spiritual step or rung on that nirvana ladder? To where is it leading and what'sthere? What guarantees are there? By what reality do we base anything on?

Who determines if we're spiritually mature enough to move on to a higher-spiritual-plane? Who "judges" when there "is" no measurement for "good" or "bad"?

Who are these Higher Beings who know so much? Why are they allowed to determine our fate?

Where did they come from?

What's the Source of their being, and ours if we join in?

Was Clinton right? There are many definitions of "is" depending on which "light" is shining on it at the moment!

Like the saying,"Shine a favorable light on his best attributes, and not his worse.""Show only what you want others to see. You don't have to show everything!"

What about the whole picture? What does the True Light show? Is there one?

When impurity, lack of accountability and indulging in the vices of our natural desires take over, we have a society which we are seeing today. There's an air of ungodliness, because there is no God, only a worldly god who says "you can be god." "Follow me and fulfill all your desires ... all your dreams come true! There is no heaven or hell."

Do you find this to be true or not? Are you living your godly dreams?

The Premise: Everything evolves ... but where did "everything" come from (source) to do all this evolving? Why do we have to evolve, to what end? Can't things be valued for what they are? Perfect just the way it "is" - like a sunrise, sunset, rainbow, a little duckling?

Where is all this evolving going to? Higher and higher, more air in the balloon ... reach higher. High is not high enough! "You must!" No ... "We must, evolve ..." "Together, we must rise above it all ..."

Isn't it more of a reality, that's there's a small group of powerful few leading all this "we-ism"? Reaping the benefits, harvesting the rewards of the labor of others! Now that "is" evolutionary!

Is everything evolving for the better? Since there is no "good" or "bad", "right" or "wrong" who the heck knows!!

When do we get to take a break from all this? Will "evolution finally come to a completion" so we can rest (smell the roses) and really start living and enjoying life - untethered?!! TRULY living our godliness!

Wasn't it good enough just to be, and stay a monkey, part of the ape family? They have a lot of fun and don't have to worry about evolving ... "You will evolve ..." "You vill ...!" "We Vill .."

Or, they had a choice, and certain Monkeys and Apes (who were the 'smart ones') decided, "No we won't. We're going to stay this way. You can't make us evolve!" They're the ones who played in the movie: Planet of the Apes!

There are divisions, agitators, carnal and perverted thinkers, acting out pitiful behaviors! Devoid of conscience of anyone but them- selves, much less the possibility of the Most High, "One" GOD!

That is the outcome, the consequences, of "No ... God!"

If everyone is taught that they can decide what is true or not, how is that played out and experienced daily in reality?

Social thought of this age is to "balance" out everyone's limited abilities or power to control matters around us - even our own thoughts. To promote that we are all connected, the same - "One" like the "Borg" on Star Trek!

The answer of liberal indoctrination is to lower the bar. Dumbing down. Isn't that the opposite of evolving?

Just like "Limbo Rock" how low can you go ... before you fall? Where does that lead us? Is it all fun and games, or is something more at stake?

We must still obey laws and pay taxes, even if we don't agree or don't want to, or we suffer the punishing consequences. That is, unless you're higher up the evolution ladder - you're excused. Hummm. Evolutionary political double-standard, that's a tricky one!

If we are gods, we shouldn't have to pay! Why are those in higher social status living their dreams and using us to acquire them?

If anything, we should be given everything freely! For we are higher beings of a Collective, we should be treated divinely!

This World System must evolve to give us not only our daily bread, but abundance of whatever we want, when we want it!

Something is "wrong" if leaders dictate to us to do their bidding, not them ours! Aren't we all equals! All evolving together? What happened to "We"?

What some of our greater leaders say isn't what they do! Then they do what they don't even tell us what they're doing! Saying it's all for the good of the Collective Whole, but we don't experience the benefits - as they shake hands, pat each other on their backs and smile!

One World "We-ism" under the guise of evolution. Under the thumb of "ownership". You "vill" believe what we teach you to believe ..."

It's not "right" that we are given a title (godship) without the power, just the "belief." Where's the beef?

Instead we are taught, unknowingly, to rely on the teaching from a spirited-filled realm of fallen angels (i.e. spirit guides) and the leading deceiver who promotes ignorance of the Truth - less we discover "Truth" and are set free!

We believe "Channelers" who hear from these fallen spirits, who know more than we know. They see us, but we can't see them. Do we give ourselves over to these "angels" who say they will be our friends, and help us get what we want in this world. Believe that? Stake your life on it?

Books are written and vain philosophies believed, because they fit our "feel good" natural tendencies and desires, elevating us into "becoming the gods we were intended to be!" Without of course, the real Truth of who we are here and now. We eat, poop, bleed, need air and have no idea how our body works much less our souls (where "I" reside and when "me" leaves this body where I/me goes, if anywhere).

We're all taught that we are all "One," evolving and becoming what we were meant to be! If that's true why are we more of the wagging "tail" instead of the determining "head?"

If we have "this amazing secret, all-knowing knowledge inside of us" why are we not in grand-decisions-making positions?

Who "is" the head of this "One" body?

The Holy Bible, that says it speaks of and for the Truth, is the very book the New Age Collective rejects. Or, just takes out pieces that support its belief and twists truthful sayings to fit its agenda.

God's Words don't tickle our carnal ears or make us feel "gooey" inside - no higher plane ecstasies - like being high on drugs or alcohol! This Words is meat and potatoes. The very fabric by which this world was designed and created. Revealing, that this show is not really about"us" but someOne else. Which is actually a blessing, since we're not doing too well evolving!

This Book says we are to "believe" God. Where the New Age (really Old Age Tower of Babel Pagan Thinking) and Progressive thought, says the opposite. That God, in fact, is a liar.

God's Book says that we are created in the likeness of Adam and Eve's CREATOR GOD who Loves us, who sent His Son to rescue us! Redeem us. Re-connect us from being alienated from God. Reuniting, you and me unto Himself.

Reclaiming and restoring our conscious state from "not believing" Him, to taking Him for His Word. Wrapping us in Truth and Goodness!

How can we trust or rely on Him, who is the Truth, when we don't know Him, or know about Him? The fallen angels know Him and they tremble. They know that HE "Is" the holder of Eternal LIFE - not make-believe wishful or delusional thinking, which they promote.

Do we need to evolve, or do we really need "Life Regenerating Power," transforming us into the real likeness of what and who God intended us to be from the beginning ... before the Fall?

If we are really dead in transgressions, destitute of true life - living instead a Lie - does it not behoove us,and our future depends on knowing that truth! Living "What 'is'" instead "What 'isn't'!"

If God's Truth and Supremacy are true, then the other is not. IF God's Truth is not your truth, what do you have?

Reality: One cannot teach the Truth if they don't know what it "is." They can only teach what they know, have heard or imagined.

In this World, the god of the age does not want us to know Truth, and he'll do everything in his power to keep us from knowing the ONE God who Loves us with an everlasting Love.

We come into this world without anything, and we will go out with nothing. "Can't take it with you when you go!"

But, if you receive in your heart and your being, the Living Word of God, transitional death from this world into a Heavenly Eternity body "is" worth the ride! We will see Him face to face!

That's why Truth says, "Rejoice! Again, I say Rejoice!"

For the True Judge is Just
and you have an Advocate who's Faithful and True!

Instead of reading your palms,
read God's Psalms!

"Glory to God in the Highest!"
with "Thanksgiving!"

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