Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Bullet Point Considerations

Are we really in charge of our lives and where we are heading > or
are we just delusional puppets?!

As we go along in this world and life, we come across many venues and byways that require us to make choices. We are constantly going in some direction or another. Some are clearer than others.

Go this way or go that way.
Do this or do that.
This is best.
Restrain from this, reject that.

OR we choose - against our better judgement - to indulge in and succumb to life-sucking additions, actions and thoughts. Which brings us down the road into darkness, excuses, fault finding and enslavement.

Bullet Point Questions:

* What road of life are you on and where is it taking you? Do you want to go?

* What are you choosing to do or not do today? What will be the results?

* Is Love your guiding light or something else?

* Do you have "Faith" in something that is Faithful and True?
Or are you faith-less?

* Do you long for a different Life, and to be a better you?!

Bullet Point Thoughts:

* The way we 'choose' to live our lives is our choosing. Our choices can be modified and corrected, if need be - there is a way to change for the better!

* In this life we will have challenges. We can choose how to handle these challenges - wisely or unwisely.

* Death is a reality - who you choose to be here determines what awaits you and where!

We have a choice in this matter too ... don't be too headstrong & so sure about this and choose ignorantly - basing your ETERNITY on a pride issue or dismissal. Choose door #1 - The One who stated: "I AM the door."

* Fear can be used as motivator, as well as Love. Both can be used for GOOD or misused to manipulate, control and abuse. Do you use fear or does it use you?

* Faith is a substance of things hoped for, and a knowing that something will become, or manifest. What we imagine and place our energies in will result in something, one way or the other. Something that "adds" to our lives and benefits others, or subtracts.

* The directions you have available today, now, may not be the same later, or even tomorrow. Consider your lot.

Choose well your * Bullet Point * life decisions!

For what you choose - to aim at - will determine your life here on earth AND whether or not your name will be found later in the BOOK OF LIFE ... or not.

This is one BOOK you will NOT want to miss out on, nor having your name not included IN!

If your heart is filled with sadness.
Or you struggle with despair,
Turn to God, who'll bring you gladness
When you sense His love and care. - Sper

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