Monday, August 24, 2009

Is a Lie a Lie for all, or just a Few?

We've all heard the saying, "What's true for you isn't necessarily true for me."

Let's flip this statement over and say it this way: "What is a lie for you isn't necessarily a lie for me."

How does that sound? Right, or goofy ~ ?

If a lie is a lie, is it "really" a lie?

Do we choose to view a lie as something that effects others, but not ourselves?

Are we "Exclusivist"? Our truths are our truth, because they're ours!

Can we pick and choose what is true - not true - like selecting melons and fruit in the grocery store?

Are we smart enough to know the difference to make the selections for our lives and the lives of our loved ones? "This one is good, ripe ... this one is rotten, spoiled."

If someone tells you a lie, thinking OR believing it's true, does that make it true? or is it still a lie?

If you're taught something that's a lie, how do you know it's a lie? What can you compare it to ... or with ... the truth? What's that?

If your truth is different from someone else's how can you know!!

Will the real Truth stand up! Pleaseee!

This may all sound very simple and even a waste of time or thought. But consider this: If you're living a lie rather than what's true, do you want to continue living that way?

If a person tells you the truth, but you don't agree with them, what are you saying to them? You're saying in effect, that what they're telling you isn't really true!

ARE you accusing them of being then ... a liar - an assertion that's based on a lie and not the truth ... how can that be?!

Is that fair and right that you don't believe them, because you believe something else ... what are you believing? Truths or lies?

Your thoughts and actions will reveal what's inside of you!

Are lies exclusive to only some? Or, is a lie just that ... a lie = opposite of the truth!

If your life is based on lies, then that's what you're living - that's what you're teach your children, who teach theirs! And that's how you relate to your friends, too. You are responsible for perpetuating the lie!

Will "ignorance" justify or excuse you? Ask your children, your friends, family. What do you see in them? What do they see in you?

If you choose the lie and act ignorantly - just to continue to live the fake and "easy, un-life" of the lie - there will be ugly consequences! You probably have experienced them already. And, you will be experiencing more and more if don't jump off that path!

If you tell your child who's hammering a nail, "Watch that you don't hit your thumb or fingers, it'll hurt!" And they look at you in disbelief, you know they'll find out sooner or later what you said it true. It was true for you and it'll be true for them!

Just like cleaning your house or pulling weeds from your garden. It's better if you take the trash (lies) out of your home (your thinking and the way you choose to live your life) or it'll stink up the whole house - rotten egg smell - everyone is effected!!

Do you bring lovely flowers into your home and place them on your dining room table for show, or bring in thorns and weeds? Why then, bring in and allow the weeds and crawly things (lies) inside yourself to show outwardly!

If you say you want the best for your children or those you profess to care about - then act accordingly - don't feed them rotten-sickly-stinking lies!! Instead give them the good-solid-nourishment of TRUTH!

If you don't know what's true, find out!

Your life depends on it! your children's lives and their children to come!

You choose!

Live the life of lies, and be a liar


Invite Truth into your life and live in Truth!

You'll feel better
so will those you love

and who love you!

(unless the "LIE" IS Loved more)

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