Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Casting Dispersions of Blame!

Do we cast the blame and point our finger at others in order to take the focus off of ourselves, or point the spotlight away from our failings and inadequacies?

Are we bent on justifying ourselves and diverting attention from the real problem, the source of our shame, guilt or self-loathing?

If you admit, "Yes, I do!" you're not alone!

It's human nature not to want to fess-up to the truth of our own lacking(s) and inadequacies in character. Our pride is hurt and we get angry. We want to strike out verbally or physically.

Or, we pout. We have a pity party and invite only self-serving thoughts that make us feel better about ourselves, while casting blame and ill will on others. They are the ones at fault! not us!

We build up our walls of defense and buffer ourselves from having to consider the truth or do something about the recognizable facts. We do whatever we can to continue and preserve (protect) the lie: "As long as you're happy!" you're okay!

We deny the truth and want others to also. To appease us and treat us with kit gloves, even if our problems are self inflicted, or unchecked appetites.

If their happiness bugs us, because it depends on us being responsible, or reminds us of our failings, (a choice that supposedly makes us happy) we attack, confront, punish them and show them their "error" and falut!

Casting the blame will not help us be our best. And putting the blame on others will not make us better, or cure our vile nature. Denying, ignoring, excusing the obvious does not make it go away. Either we deal with it or it will deal with us ... may result in us being dealt out of the deck of Life, if left unchecked.

Regardless our "problem" the real cause can only be fixed when we admit the truth and want to be set free from the bondage. If we deny the problem and keep pointing elsewhere instead of the source of the problem - our own selves and heart - we are at fault! We commit ourselves to the pit, and lead loved ones to same doom and despair!

Our behavior will follow and reveal what is in our heart. The standard for normal behavior, or "good behavior" is cast out in order to continue abnormal and bad behavior. Justifying it and calling it "progressive" or "real." Instead what it really is - distasteful and a sign of corruption - rotten egg smell, spoiled! Moral decay and undisciplined.

We cannot expect other to love us unconditionally when we in fact don't do the same - or are deluded to think that we do but in reality we don't! We fall for that lie all the time, because we want to "justify" our own self centeredness and unbecoming behavior - so we can feel okay, comfortable, regardless.

What can we do then, to rid ourselves of this ugliness, this bent to justify or excuse our rudeness; to discourage the negative behavior that is rooted in dominating lies?

First, admit there's a problem that needs to be fixed. Really desire to "know" what to do, change life tracks. Seems simply enough, but try it. Our nature will rebel and our thoughts will strongly go against taking responsibility; or fight against not conforming to our "I want what I want when I want it!" and "I want to feel good, regardless of others, or what they think!" See how many family's have been broken, shattered, because of this sickness and enslavement (consumed by darkness of the lie).

There's a person who has the solution for this and our many other problems we have, or will have. Do you know what he said?

"Cast your cares on me, let me help you!"

Do you know who said this?

For you who do know, you'd do well to take him up on his offer to help! For you who don't know who said this, you need to find out. Because he can help, and there are few who will put up with our self-serving antics with true unconditional love!

Instead casting blame and accusations, cast your cares on the one who really loves you and can help free you from your bondage.

It begins with, "Lord, help me!"

He will introduce you to the overcoming power of Truth, and give you that needed breath of saving grace, to prevent you from drowning in despair in this reality and in the eternal one to come! ... forever.

Beats the alternative!

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