Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unveiling Your Heart's Eyes

Did you know that the eyes of your heart have a veil over them, preventing you from seeing and knowing the Truth - if you've not had the veil lifted by the Supreme Source?

If you don't agree consider: Do you know how you were put together in your mother's womb? Why you have the personality you have without even trying? Why you know how do some things really well - you have a talent that you were born with, and you did nothing, but discover it. And even that, someone helped you realize the value of your gift, talent.

Are you mathematically inclined? Are you creative? Do ideas just fly in your head from who knows where and they bring you success or enable you to fix a problem, build something? Are you able to be engrossed for hours doing mind puzzles or examining intricacies? Where did all these abilities and unseen talents, personalities and cognizant performances originate? Do you know the Truth of the Matter?

If you can fess up and say, "No, I don't know." You are on your way to having the blinders taken off!

The veil that exists over the eyes of your heart can be lifted! How? By knowing Truth and having it be a BIG part of you and your life!

The song about Santa Claus, "who sees us when we're sleeping ... knows when we've been bad or good ..." differs from the Truth who really knows our heart. What you don't know about yourself, or think you know, is NO match for One who knows
E-V-E-R-Y T-H-I-N-G!

No matter how much you know, if you heart is blind, all your knowing will bring you to not, if you don't know the Truth! Denying, rejecting, being above it all (imagining) will keep your heart in darkness, blindness - veiled.

So, instead of being puffed up with pride, willing ignorant, foolishly rebellious or dismissing the facts (thinking no harm will come to you because you will it away or thwart its existence), wise up and reason with Truth.

We don't live forever here on this planet, but with Truth we can live forever with Love.

For Truth IS Love.

Allow TRUTH to slay away that which veils your heart
from knowing the real LOVE OF GOD.

You'll Love the difference,
seeing what you've been blinded from knowing!
(only dreaming about)!

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