Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Virtue, or Just Fast and Cheap!


We've all seen these sort of advertisements. Looking for a fast and cheap way to get a diploma is said to be "the best way for you." Is that so.

By calling these fake-diploma-making people, you can pay them to "make you" be someone! You can have a piece of paper stating you fulfilled certain requirements and have proven yourself worthy of some recognition!

I was thinking about my own degree. The time and effort, the classes, the decisions, how I could've done better ... If I called this group and asked them to make me up a diploma with transcripts, I wonder what sort of classes I would have taken and what grades I achieved ... acquired? What sort of person would I be today if this degree were actually true - better, the best me or the same me with just a different degree - diploma.

Consider, Medical Doctors. Who wants them to have fake diplomas? I don't care how good the paper work looks - I want someone who's competent, able and willing to do the best job possible! We don't need fakes.

As we go along in this world and living life, may we aspire to be and do the quality we'd like others to perform for our sakes. Whether it's fast food, or exotic, may the servers be clean and respectful. Virtue is that added ingredient that makes food taste better! Results in us and others being more appreciative and happier!

May our life diploma be real and true as we practice the art of virtue. No fake degree ever measures up to or comes close to one that's of authentic quality and morally real. For the Best of all not just the few.

There's enough cheapness, arrayed in fine apparel and high-immoral-minded corruption that true Virtue abhors! Fast and Cheap. Or, one worth their salt!

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