Saturday, July 11, 2009

As Long as You're Happy!

We like to be Happy and other's to be Happy as well ...
that is until we bump heads - when one's happiness
ruins ours! For what makes one happy may not make the someone else happy.

It's a nice thought for everyone to be happy and get along. The reality in this world though is in order for some to be happy they take away "your happiness" for their own gain. Consequently leaving you, unhappy!

Or, like parents. You want you're children to be happy, but you desire them to be a healthy happy - not happy only when they're drunk, on drugs or being disgusting! That steals away your happiness, doesn't it? Not the type of happiness we desire!

For some being inconsiderate makes them happy! Stealing, lying, abusing their power, controlling, belittling, conning, ridiculing, on and on it goes with no regard of anyone but themselves. Do you want these sort of egoistic, self-centered people to be happy? I don't!

For them to be happy means causes many to be unhappy and regardless of the fairness or lack of, it's not our responsibility or duty to allow them to do what they do just to make themselves happy!

So, let's get rid the saying, "I just want you to be happy!" The truth is, we want the person to be GOOD and LOVING - and be happy being that way!

To have that goodness inside manifest itself on the outside as something worthwhile in this world - a plus to you and other - beyond oneself and selfishness!

Now, think how much Happier we'd all be!

Those who pervert happiness don't deserve having it anyway!

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