Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yes, We CAN'T ... Keep the 10 Commandments

Before the 10 Commandments were heard of, they had already been broken. 

When Moses looked at what the people were doing, when he returned from communing with GOD on the mountaintop, he literally threw down the two stone tablets, containing the Ten Commandments, smashing them in his anger and disgust at what he saw. 

These people had just come out of slavery from Egypt; influenced by their man-made religions, idolatry and ways of thinking. Naked without the Truth and delusional. Making for themselves their own golden god to dance around; while they ate, drank and rose to play! 

Some define "Religion" as: a way to salvationa return to bondage; or all the different ways that lead to Hell - like all roads lead to Roman. If any of these are/were true, would God's Ten Commandments matter if any or all Religions worked?

The Ten Commandments are not suggestions, but show all of us the requirements (Laws) of GOD. It's about "relationship" and respecting the One who IS the CREATOR, who loves us. Not, foolish or mindless-ness with no end.

Laws can help guide or restrict a person in their behavior, but laws cannot change the human heart ... the soul of a person. God's Law shows the very nature of what is lacking in our being - our ungodliness. 

The main reason the 10 Commandments are unacceptable to some, is that they see their inadequacy and depravity - they're guilty of breaking them. For who wants a stealer, liar, murderer, coveter in their house or running their business? But, look in the mirror of the Law and what do they see? 

Instead of applying or using the Law as perimeters, they purpose to abolish what offends and exposes them. That is the way of the fallen flesh, that cannot and will not acknowledge the good reasoning behind the Law of God. This rejection and dismissal, results in that the very faults we distain in others, we find in ourselves and in our children.

The Pied Piper who blew a tune that mesmer-ized the rats to follow him to the river where they drowned, is similar to being enslaved to the appetites and "doings" that the Ten Commandments tell us "not" to do! What we are not to do is what we are drawn to do, because it's more natural to us, more of our given (fallen) nature.

We like to think of ourselves as overall good people who do what's right, but we find it easier to break the law or lower standards than labor or work at being that good person

Who's had to teach their children to lie, cheat, steal, etc? They learned it somewhere. Being "bad" is easier and more fun than behaving. We continually have to teach and monitor them "what not to do!" 

Although, there are some who are so seared of conscience (hardened hearts) they teach just "not to get caught!" Or, because of their own selfishness and lacking, they fail to inspire excellence of quality of character and focus rather on "looks," "fame" or "material gain." What exists in one's heart comes out, in one way or another, like it or not!

We find it easier to justify our thoughts and actions than to hold ourselves accountable for what we've done or not done; all of which goes against the Divine Way

Some say in toughness, "Laws are meant to be broken!" That is, until someone defiles them, robs them of their money, shoots them, steals away their children or kills their family! Then coveting becomes reality and they understand why God said not to have anything to do with it! Plainly stated, "Do not covet."

The Law has no power in and of itself to change us. It only governs or points out the acceptable way to behave and marks us when we break it. Who of us have not broken man's law, much less those scripted by God? 

If we're caught breaking the law here on earth and punished for it (if caught, or at least bothered by our conscience) isn't it reasonable to consider that breaking the Law of God results in consequences as well - whether you believe HE exists or not!? Wishful thinking or denial of the Truth will not exterminate the LIVING and ALL-MIGHTY GOD!

God designed the Ten Commandments for our own good! To let us know that HE IS GOD, and He desires us to live a better way, to choose His Way. When we realize that it is against God only do we sin, by breaking His Laws and Commandments, we begin to understand that we have a heart problem (we need a new nature by which to live). 

Our offense, or sin, against God, brings consequences. Like the Pied Piper leading the rats to their demise, so goes our souls when we follow our natural sinful nature. Eat, drink and be merry! But, reality does not conform to our wishes, nor do we deserve the power to make it do our biding! Pride and arrogance are sin based, lacking and in need of replacement - Restoration.

It is only by God's Grace and by His Holy Spirit within us do the Ten Commandments make sense. Without God in our lives, in our hearts, we break the law. But God has an answer for each of us and the Commandments starts it out: Believe Him, look to GOD for He IS our Creator, Savior and the fulfiller of our deepest longings.

"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" 
(Rom 3:23)

But, we can be justified freely by HIS Grace
through Faith in the One who fulfilled the whole Law.
No sin or fault was found in him! 
Perfectly Pure.
Only the Nature of GOD is Godly!

The Christ, in human form like Adam
[what he lost, Jesus bought back]
shed his blood to redeem and restore, 
as it was In the beginning.

Paying the sin-debt with His own life for you and me,
- making us able to believe and trust Him -
so that we would not parish, but
have Eternal Life, with GOD.

We could not
and cannot redeem ourselves,

Get onboard with the Truth!
Your Life in Eternity depends on your choice!

There's room on the Cross for you to be saved 
if you make room in your heart for the Savior!

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