Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Wild & Wacky World Life!

In this world with all its beauty and wonders, we find too, that there is suffering, pain and sorrows (among other things). Has God made a mistake?

Can we go to the wellspring of our imagination and envision a remedy: Like throwing all our problems down into the darkness of an imaginary well - never to have to face them again? Deny their existence.

Or, believe all will be well, but have no clue "who will make everything well." Be convinced that if we believe hard enough that this "living the good life" will come about. That we can made something happen by connecting with a universal force, that we manipulate and control to bring about our desires, magically! By our mere will power and exertion.

Or ... is God's Word true when He tells us to instead, to cast our problems and cares upon him, because he cares for us and loves us? That He alone has the Power to help us, to change us, change circumstances, or allow circumstances to grow us up in the way which we should live? Which is true? Depend on ourselves, other's and hope for the best ... or believe God?
In this wild and wacky world we'd like to know that there is someone or something that is reliable, that we can trust in and depend on. Regardless what happens, that we have a sure foundation, like a rock to stand on. Oh, how good the thought! when we find our life unraveling, falling apart or things change drastically for the worse! A sure and stable grounding is welcome and advised!

We can question why things are the way they are, but it comes down to the fact that in this world, things are and that's the way it is. When we look to answers, are the resources reliable or do they just fit our own thinking and make us feel okay?

To build up muscles, we have to exercise. To lose weight, eat less and exercise. Gain weight, eat more and exercise. Our bodies need certain things in order to be health, if not provided for we suffer consequences. So, why should our emotions, thinking and desires (our soul) be any different?

If we imagine that we are eating, but really aren't, in the physical, our bodies are not nourished. So, is with our soul. What sort of food does it require? If our body works better with good food - not junk food - should not our soul reflect what we are feeding it as well? Yes, it's obvious!

God has answers for these questions and more. If you need to see something, you need some light by which to view it. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, may you and your life reflect this Light of God!

Ask for His Truth to shine on and in you and be changed by the renewing of your mind by His Living Word; which IS food for your soul and will
ignite your spirit.

Words of Life!

"Fear not, for I have overcome the world."
(The True Light Bearer!)

No matter where you go,
there you are,
make sure it's where
God wants you to be!

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