Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is it 'Okay' to be Obsessed?

Depends on what you're obsessed by or who! 

Human nature tends to be obsessive, usually over the edge on the negative end. Custer's last stand, Hitler's grand plan, Utopian mania, etc. resulting in death of many because of the leading of the few. 

The Good News is that there is one obsession that's okay when it's directed toward the right source. Those who've found the key to this great discovery lived or live the high life, on a spiritual plane that helps free them from worldly temptations, or obsessions.

They give meaning to the verse, that His ways are not our ways. But, if we're connected totally, as much as possible, His ways can become our ways and His thoughts our thoughts! The veil that covers the eyes of the heart is lifted. One becomes obsessed with a greater reality and understanding, that far surpasses the norm of materialism. The source: GOD and His Wisdom, the unveiling of revealed mysteries!

In the old days, some adults use to give honey to their kids when they spoke of God and His goodness - Taste and see that the Lord is Good! Connecting the reality of God to His creation. The same as when Jesus referred to himself as the Bread of life or Word made flesh. Both are things we can relate to/with in this life; that comes from the Spiritual existence, unseen but there. A step up in awareness without Yoga, Eastern Meditation, drugs, New Age thought, Fallen Angels/demons inner talk and the such.

If we get in the habit of turning to the Living and Loving LORD, we won't be victims to the current of the day (the world) or going in circles, locked in circumstances. Instead we will call out first to the Source: "Lord, help me, what should I do?" If you expect Him to answer, listen. 

If you don't want or expect the Truth of the God to answer you, don't ask. Be satisfied with being consumed and obsessed by things that deplete your resources. But, if you are brave enough to ask, taste the real Honey of Life and see that it's alive and sweet!

To be obsessed is one thing, the outcome can either help make you or break you; and the outcome beneficial or destructive.

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