Sunday, May 24, 2009

When You're Called Up Yonder

A time will come when you will cease to exist in this world. Your life here on this earth is over. Some say that you've reached the end. Others consider it a beginning. Either way you're gone, and you leave behind those you loved and who loved you.

What will loved ones or friends, who attend your Service say about you? What would you like them to say? What would you prefer they not say? How do you want to be remembered? Does it matter?

Recently, I attended my dad's Service. Some spoke, other didn't. Is it important for family and friends to say something? Or, plan ahead (knowing you'll be too emotion to speak) and have someone read something you've written to share with others, honoring your loved one. I think so. By doing this act of giving, this communication helps open up the floodgate of Love to flow, in turn, healing your heart loss and preserving good memories! It's rewarding! 

Our Aunt Noƫlle wrote a very nice script in memory of her brother, our dad. She wrote about things we didn't know and by her sharing these "special" tidbits we in turn benefited - because she spoke of those "good qualities" of his character, and things he did to help out for the good of others. She honored him!

Next time (if there is one for you - you may be the next one being laid to ground!), do yourself and others a favor and share something of quality at this time of farewell and giving honor to your deceased loved one! Consider what they would appreciate you do and say! Pull up your boot straps and do what's good and right to do!

Convey a message of love that's meaningful and how this person helped you, brought substance of goodness to you and into your life. Truly honor them, over your own discomfort or emotional baggage. You'll be giving something that will reinforce that goodness in yourself and those listening! 

So, be prepare. In this world you will lose someone dear to you, and you can choose now how to convey a message that is worthwhile to carry on their memory, in an honorable and respectful manner! Or, not.

Step up and be courageous for Goodness sakes! You'll be a better person for doing what is admirable, and others will benefit from your giving! 

Take notice of the Lilies and flowers that grow in the fields, woods and on the mountains. They are dressed, clothed in beauty, 
cared for by God's own Kind Nature. 
Are you not more important that these? 
Yes, you are!

So, honor and respect each other while you can! Speak words of Love and encourage one another ... even to the last day, when you say your earthly "Farewell!" 

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