Monday, May 4, 2009


Selfishness. We all have it at times and even display it more than we'd like to admit. It's an disdainful characteristic or personality trait that is actually "worthless" as well as destructive. Selfishness "takes" and expects what it doesn't deserve, becoming angered and attacking when not given its way.

Who wants to be around a selfish person, or look in the mirror and find one looking back at us? 

Selfishness is seen most when there's a need. When difficult things need to be done, but only few stand up to do the hard work; while "selfishness" gives others an excuse to sit back, complain about things and how they "feel" poorly, instead of pitching in, giving a helping hand. Selfishness.

If you consider those who you truly respect, are they selfish? Do they do things just for themselves - what makes them feel good or will get them something in return - or do they step up and out, and help others even if it cost them? In truth, we all admire unselfish people.

Well, Good News! You can choose to be one of those people who are a "plus" in this Life too. You can choose to be a unselfish person. Just think of it! When you look in the mirror you don't see your self, you see someone who can make a good difference in someone else's life - your efforts can help make someone's life better, help them be a happier person! 

Imagine that. Instead of looking to others to listen to your sad, pitiful story, you can be someone worthwhile and giving of yourself. You'll feel better about yourself and people will like you more too, because you're not selfish and self-consumed to the point of being boring!

So, put a smile on your face and do something worth your while, effort and time. Be a God send into someone's heart and life instead of a lazy, slug (of self-pity) sitting on a log! You decide. 

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