Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's a Ducky Life!

These duck eggs are laid in expectation that they each contain all the makings of a baby duckling that will grow up into a regular duck. How this happens no one really knows, but inside of these oblong shells there's a new life coming into being - without any of our help! If anything it works better if we just leave them alone.

Human nature always wants to "do something" to leave its mark. Usually, to "make something better" than what already exists. Which is an admirable  characteristic, but not always realistic or necessary warranted. These duck eggs need the Duck mother to lay on them, not us disturbing the nest! 

For each of these entities, have a mission of "do or die." Each must have the strength to crack or break an opening in the shell it's contained in and escape - get out. If they do not, or are unable, to fight their way out or be persistent in struggling the shell off of them, they will die inside of the shell - their own coffin, if you will.

They must do this on their own. For if we or something else tries to help them out of the shell they will not be strong enough to live once they get out. All the struggling, trying and straining actually is designed to "strengthen them" so that when they do leave the shell they are able to live in the new environment and elements that surround them. 

Once they achieve or accomplish that goal, they have a whole new batch and assortment of challenges to overcome - requiring their attention and correct action for success. It seems that they don't really consider these "have to do's" much, except that they do them (without complaining, saying "No, I won't do that!" or give reasons or excuses for why they should be exempt!). They have their life and they live it, doing everything that's required in order to stay alive, and be who and what they are ... ducklings/ducks.

Now, if you notice the look on this little ones face you have to really imagine what, if anything, it's thinking. But, since we have not lived in its shell or wear its soft covering, we have no idea. If someone says they do, well ...

I do know this. This little duckling has it's good days and not so good moments too. Similarly, we too can benefit and learn a lesson from it. It's not wise to live inside a shell (emotionally or mentally) and once you battle your way into being who and what you were designed and fashioned to be, you'll continue to have challenges that need to be confronted and dealt with correctly in order to live a Ducky Life! 

If you desire to "leave your mark" you can. Your "choice" is paramount and effects not only you but others. 

Protect what needs protecting, help when it's needed, don't help when its "not needed" {Don't deprive someone from becoming the "neat person" they can become by sheltering them from the struggles that get them there or breaking their shell too soon!}, don't be so high minded you're no earthly good and do the basic things that help make a good and constructive, concrete life worth living for yourself, loved ones and others!
If you've not already ... "Crack out of your shell" and begin your New Life Living today! 

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