Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Human love is not the same as God's LOVE. Why? Because God is GOD and humans are humans - there is a difference. Human pride (ego) dislikes that fact, because "it" likes to play the role of God. Feeble as it is, but imagination can go a long way! 

Back to the Garden: "... you will be as gods..." When this lie is believed and conceived in one's heart and mind, it pulls us farther away from true Love and being a loving person.

It's like looking in DEX. When you look under LOVE, certain people or things come to mind. Other names or things come to mine when you type in "Grief" or "Hate." "Call _____ for Love." or "Call _____ if you want some Grief!" We know who to call. If not we select from the "Category Heading" appropriate to our need.

The question is "who" do we call? Are we brave enough to call LOVE? Or, is it just easier to call "Ignorance" and "Complacency?" For we know that when we call Love, Love does not condone anything but what is Loving.

If you Love someone do you condone everything they do, even if it's unloving? If we don't, why do we expect that a Loving God should? Does God have to put up with our unloving nature? Pride says, "yes!" Truth says, "No." (May be why more and more people don't like Truth, it doesn't condone, nor accept pretense). 

God's Love is not based on who we are but Who HE IS. Our perspective of Him doesn't make or break HIM. HE's the Creator, not the created.

If LOVE sheds essential attributes that characterize it and begins condoning, accepting, that which LOVE is not, it no longer is LOVE. Some of us put on a robe of Love (mask), to cover our pride-hearted motives, but if true LOVE does not flow through our veins, dressing the part (acting in fake and imitation love) does not make us LOVING. It just verifies the fact more that we need true LOVE in our being.

Either we accept and receive real LOVE - take it into our very being - or we don't. Pride says, "I don't need that. I love who I want to love and will hate who I want to hate." God's LOVE says, "I AM LOVE." There's a Big difference.

For Joy comes to those who have the Peace in their hearts and have asked LOVE to cover them on the outside and flow through them on the inside. In perfect oneness which will be manifested in the age to come!

GOD never changes. His LOVE NEVER FAILS. 

We'd do well to ask to be change into the likeness of His Perfect Love. Cast off the old and put on the new, even receive a new heart that can hold true Love. True LOVE is not condoning ... but is LOVING.
"The Tin Woodman knew very well that he had no heart, and therefore he took great care never to be cruel or unkind to anything.
'You people with hearts,' he said, 'have something to guide you, and need never do wrong; but I have no heart, and so I must be very careful. When OZ gives me a heart of course I needn't mind so much.'"

Wizard of OZ, L. Frank Baum, 1900

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