Monday, May 18, 2009

Are You Heaven Bound!

Sometimes, what seems to be the simplest thing to do can be the most difficult!

And the most important is: Believing in some one or something that goes against the very nature we inherited, when we were born into this world!

Fortunately (and a good thing for us), we don't have to rely on our own "good works" or "doing something" worthy enough in order to enter God's Heaven. If we did, no one would enter. All we have to do is believe Him. Take Him for His Word. And that is actually very difficult "work" to do in this world - believing God.

We see and experience so much in this life that doesn't seem right. Our hopes and dreams seem to vanish, or when we achieve them we're only satisfied for for awhile, then we long for something else. 

If you have a number of dreams and desires in your heart, but see no way of accomplishing them here on earth, because of the limitations of time, resources, money or other reasons, you will like Heaven! Because, Heaven is Eternal. You'll need timelessness to do all the neat things there are to do or more opportunities to meet new friends  and see all the goodness there is to see - even galaxies to explore!

So, don't despair if this world isn't what you hoped it would be, nor that your efforts to make things better don't always work out. Keep doing what you know what's right to do and realize that much of what is wonderful inside of you needs only the right place to connect to live it out!

Heavenly thinking is something we can practice now! Connect with the Real SOURCE of life. You won't want to miss out being where your heart truly lives!  

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