Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Graceful Art of Being Grateful!

Have you noticed how nice it is to be around someone who's grateful? They have an air of lightness, buoyancy, a happiness that seems unrestricted by the burdens and cares of this world. Their spirit is vibrant and free from the usual things that ensnared and restrict living a full and abundant life!

You've experienced this too! We all have. Those times that we are so grateful that nothing else seems to matter. We delighted in a simple act of kindness or unexpected generosity that touches our hearts, and we "stop" to experience something close to Divine! Or, we realize something has taken place, some intervention, that has saved us from harm, or even death! 

Gratefulness is a feeling and state of being that transcends earthly bounds, connecting us with a Heavenly reality and  perspective. A step up into a better way of living, breathing, considering and being! Healthier!

We can have gratefulness be a big part of our life and character every day! Right now! So easy, even a baby can do it!

If we are grateful minded, we are less apt to be angry, depressed, wanting or dissatisfied. Our face will reflect our inner being, and show that we are open for more goodness! We may even discover the true Source from which this quality resides! One step closer to Truth ... and Eternity! A Grace-filled Art!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

When You're Called Up Yonder

A time will come when you will cease to exist in this world. Your life here on this earth is over. Some say that you've reached the end. Others consider it a beginning. Either way you're gone, and you leave behind those you loved and who loved you.

What will loved ones or friends, who attend your Service say about you? What would you like them to say? What would you prefer they not say? How do you want to be remembered? Does it matter?

Recently, I attended my dad's Service. Some spoke, other didn't. Is it important for family and friends to say something? Or, plan ahead (knowing you'll be too emotion to speak) and have someone read something you've written to share with others, honoring your loved one. I think so. By doing this act of giving, this communication helps open up the floodgate of Love to flow, in turn, healing your heart loss and preserving good memories! It's rewarding! 

Our Aunt Noƫlle wrote a very nice script in memory of her brother, our dad. She wrote about things we didn't know and by her sharing these "special" tidbits we in turn benefited - because she spoke of those "good qualities" of his character, and things he did to help out for the good of others. She honored him!

Next time (if there is one for you - you may be the next one being laid to ground!), do yourself and others a favor and share something of quality at this time of farewell and giving honor to your deceased loved one! Consider what they would appreciate you do and say! Pull up your boot straps and do what's good and right to do!

Convey a message of love that's meaningful and how this person helped you, brought substance of goodness to you and into your life. Truly honor them, over your own discomfort or emotional baggage. You'll be giving something that will reinforce that goodness in yourself and those listening! 

So, be prepare. In this world you will lose someone dear to you, and you can choose now how to convey a message that is worthwhile to carry on their memory, in an honorable and respectful manner! Or, not.

Step up and be courageous for Goodness sakes! You'll be a better person for doing what is admirable, and others will benefit from your giving! 

Take notice of the Lilies and flowers that grow in the fields, woods and on the mountains. They are dressed, clothed in beauty, 
cared for by God's own Kind Nature. 
Are you not more important that these? 
Yes, you are!

So, honor and respect each other while you can! Speak words of Love and encourage one another ... even to the last day, when you say your earthly "Farewell!" 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Are You Heaven Bound!

Sometimes, what seems to be the simplest thing to do can be the most difficult!

And the most important is: Believing in some one or something that goes against the very nature we inherited, when we were born into this world!

Fortunately (and a good thing for us), we don't have to rely on our own "good works" or "doing something" worthy enough in order to enter God's Heaven. If we did, no one would enter. All we have to do is believe Him. Take Him for His Word. And that is actually very difficult "work" to do in this world - believing God.

We see and experience so much in this life that doesn't seem right. Our hopes and dreams seem to vanish, or when we achieve them we're only satisfied for for awhile, then we long for something else. 

If you have a number of dreams and desires in your heart, but see no way of accomplishing them here on earth, because of the limitations of time, resources, money or other reasons, you will like Heaven! Because, Heaven is Eternal. You'll need timelessness to do all the neat things there are to do or more opportunities to meet new friends  and see all the goodness there is to see - even galaxies to explore!

So, don't despair if this world isn't what you hoped it would be, nor that your efforts to make things better don't always work out. Keep doing what you know what's right to do and realize that much of what is wonderful inside of you needs only the right place to connect to live it out!

Heavenly thinking is something we can practice now! Connect with the Real SOURCE of life. You won't want to miss out being where your heart truly lives!  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Are you in Bondage to Guilt, Shame or Self-Pity?

If you are in bondage to any of these things, you are not alone. If anything, you have more company then you want! 

Just like a Jukebox, we have songs inside of us. But most of the time they are programed to play when we least want to hear them, listen to them, or be controlled by their negativism - whether we realize they're playing or not!

Here's some of the songs - you can add your own: 
* You will Never Amount to Anything Worthwhile.
* You'll Always be a Failure.
* Oh, Pitiful Me!
* You're not Unique or Valuable.
* No one Loves Me and I Don't Love Them!
* I can't do Anything Right!
... on and on they go

These type of songs need to be cleared out of your Jukebox! Some were placed there while you were growing up; unconsciously by loved ones, wrong thoughts you were led to think about or taught to believe, or just part of your human nature. Regardless, they need to go!

Songs that lift your spirit, enlarge your heart and help make you a better person are available! These songs replace the old tattered and torn slave mentality songs of undesired harsh task masters!

Here are some Plus songs:
✞ He Bears Us up on Eagles Wings!
✞ Fret Not, You are Loved with an Everlasting Love!
✞ He Calls Me His Beloved!
✞ He Paid My Debt!
✞ Forever in His Grace!
✞ Keep On the Sunny Side of the Street!

When we allow circumstances and difficulties  (which there are many in this world) get us down, we need to know that we don't have live that way anymore! Instead of giving in to self-pity, or even entertaining (thinking about) destructive and condemning thoughts, we need to stop and put on a different song! We need to listen to Good Songs to keep us sane!!

Actually, what we are experiencing is the consequences and the results of "sin." How's that? Because the nature of sin is separation from God, and from living the True life He created us to live; abiding in His Love - with Him in our hearts and lives. 

If you're not experiencing the Love of God in your heart or your life you'll continue to have these other sin filled things controlling you; ruining your life and those around you. Or, you can defeat the foe (your enemy) with God's help!

God  calls you His Beloved. Let Him put new songs in your heart and replace the songs that are based in guilt, shame and self-pity! He'll give you songs that are based in His Perfect Love for you, songs of Truth and Peace.

How? Believe HIM. 
Those who "Call upon the Name of the LORD will be saved!" 

And that's for here and now, today - you have a Advocate! A Champion! The God of the Universe Loves "you!"

Call now! "LORD help me to know you. HELP me to receive Your love inside of me and in my heart. Put Your songs in my Jukebox! Give me a new and precious song to live Today, and for ever more. Thank YOU!"

Songs of "JOY" fill your heart and mind!
"Rejoice! again I say, Rejoice in the Freedom, Liberty and Goodness of the LORD!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Human love is not the same as God's LOVE. Why? Because God is GOD and humans are humans - there is a difference. Human pride (ego) dislikes that fact, because "it" likes to play the role of God. Feeble as it is, but imagination can go a long way! 

Back to the Garden: "... you will be as gods..." When this lie is believed and conceived in one's heart and mind, it pulls us farther away from true Love and being a loving person.

It's like looking in DEX. When you look under LOVE, certain people or things come to mind. Other names or things come to mine when you type in "Grief" or "Hate." "Call _____ for Love." or "Call _____ if you want some Grief!" We know who to call. If not we select from the "Category Heading" appropriate to our need.

The question is "who" do we call? Are we brave enough to call LOVE? Or, is it just easier to call "Ignorance" and "Complacency?" For we know that when we call Love, Love does not condone anything but what is Loving.

If you Love someone do you condone everything they do, even if it's unloving? If we don't, why do we expect that a Loving God should? Does God have to put up with our unloving nature? Pride says, "yes!" Truth says, "No." (May be why more and more people don't like Truth, it doesn't condone, nor accept pretense). 

God's Love is not based on who we are but Who HE IS. Our perspective of Him doesn't make or break HIM. HE's the Creator, not the created.

If LOVE sheds essential attributes that characterize it and begins condoning, accepting, that which LOVE is not, it no longer is LOVE. Some of us put on a robe of Love (mask), to cover our pride-hearted motives, but if true LOVE does not flow through our veins, dressing the part (acting in fake and imitation love) does not make us LOVING. It just verifies the fact more that we need true LOVE in our being.

Either we accept and receive real LOVE - take it into our very being - or we don't. Pride says, "I don't need that. I love who I want to love and will hate who I want to hate." God's LOVE says, "I AM LOVE." There's a Big difference.

For Joy comes to those who have the Peace in their hearts and have asked LOVE to cover them on the outside and flow through them on the inside. In perfect oneness which will be manifested in the age to come!

GOD never changes. His LOVE NEVER FAILS. 

We'd do well to ask to be change into the likeness of His Perfect Love. Cast off the old and put on the new, even receive a new heart that can hold true Love. True LOVE is not condoning ... but is LOVING.
"The Tin Woodman knew very well that he had no heart, and therefore he took great care never to be cruel or unkind to anything.
'You people with hearts,' he said, 'have something to guide you, and need never do wrong; but I have no heart, and so I must be very careful. When OZ gives me a heart of course I needn't mind so much.'"

Wizard of OZ, L. Frank Baum, 1900

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's a Ducky Life!

These duck eggs are laid in expectation that they each contain all the makings of a baby duckling that will grow up into a regular duck. How this happens no one really knows, but inside of these oblong shells there's a new life coming into being - without any of our help! If anything it works better if we just leave them alone.

Human nature always wants to "do something" to leave its mark. Usually, to "make something better" than what already exists. Which is an admirable  characteristic, but not always realistic or necessary warranted. These duck eggs need the Duck mother to lay on them, not us disturbing the nest! 

For each of these entities, have a mission of "do or die." Each must have the strength to crack or break an opening in the shell it's contained in and escape - get out. If they do not, or are unable, to fight their way out or be persistent in struggling the shell off of them, they will die inside of the shell - their own coffin, if you will.

They must do this on their own. For if we or something else tries to help them out of the shell they will not be strong enough to live once they get out. All the struggling, trying and straining actually is designed to "strengthen them" so that when they do leave the shell they are able to live in the new environment and elements that surround them. 

Once they achieve or accomplish that goal, they have a whole new batch and assortment of challenges to overcome - requiring their attention and correct action for success. It seems that they don't really consider these "have to do's" much, except that they do them (without complaining, saying "No, I won't do that!" or give reasons or excuses for why they should be exempt!). They have their life and they live it, doing everything that's required in order to stay alive, and be who and what they are ... ducklings/ducks.

Now, if you notice the look on this little ones face you have to really imagine what, if anything, it's thinking. But, since we have not lived in its shell or wear its soft covering, we have no idea. If someone says they do, well ...

I do know this. This little duckling has it's good days and not so good moments too. Similarly, we too can benefit and learn a lesson from it. It's not wise to live inside a shell (emotionally or mentally) and once you battle your way into being who and what you were designed and fashioned to be, you'll continue to have challenges that need to be confronted and dealt with correctly in order to live a Ducky Life! 

If you desire to "leave your mark" you can. Your "choice" is paramount and effects not only you but others. 

Protect what needs protecting, help when it's needed, don't help when its "not needed" {Don't deprive someone from becoming the "neat person" they can become by sheltering them from the struggles that get them there or breaking their shell too soon!}, don't be so high minded you're no earthly good and do the basic things that help make a good and constructive, concrete life worth living for yourself, loved ones and others!
If you've not already ... "Crack out of your shell" and begin your New Life Living today! 

Monday, May 4, 2009


Selfishness. We all have it at times and even display it more than we'd like to admit. It's an disdainful characteristic or personality trait that is actually "worthless" as well as destructive. Selfishness "takes" and expects what it doesn't deserve, becoming angered and attacking when not given its way.

Who wants to be around a selfish person, or look in the mirror and find one looking back at us? 

Selfishness is seen most when there's a need. When difficult things need to be done, but only few stand up to do the hard work; while "selfishness" gives others an excuse to sit back, complain about things and how they "feel" poorly, instead of pitching in, giving a helping hand. Selfishness.

If you consider those who you truly respect, are they selfish? Do they do things just for themselves - what makes them feel good or will get them something in return - or do they step up and out, and help others even if it cost them? In truth, we all admire unselfish people.

Well, Good News! You can choose to be one of those people who are a "plus" in this Life too. You can choose to be a unselfish person. Just think of it! When you look in the mirror you don't see your self, you see someone who can make a good difference in someone else's life - your efforts can help make someone's life better, help them be a happier person! 

Imagine that. Instead of looking to others to listen to your sad, pitiful story, you can be someone worthwhile and giving of yourself. You'll feel better about yourself and people will like you more too, because you're not selfish and self-consumed to the point of being boring!

So, put a smile on your face and do something worth your while, effort and time. Be a God send into someone's heart and life instead of a lazy, slug (of self-pity) sitting on a log! You decide. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wisdom and Understanding

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get Wisdom: and with all your getting get Understanding (prudence and intelligence)!"

Why is Wisdom so important in this old world, especially when materialism and image (egoism) are the rave? What good is it to get something that requires effort on your part and is unpopular, when it's much easier to get something you can see and hold?

 Wisdom calls out to all who will hear 
and Understanding raise its voice for all who desire to listen and learn ...

"I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. Riches and honor are with me; durable riches and righteousness. My fruit is better than gold, yes, even fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver. I lead in the way of righteousness in the midst of the paths of justice: That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures.

The LORD possessed me in the beginning of His way, before his works of old, I was set up from everlasting from the beginning, before the earth began. Before the mountains were settled, before the hills I was brought forth:  He had not yet made the earth, nor the fields, or the highest part of the dust of the world.

When He set up and prepared the heavens, I was there: when He set a compass upon the face of the depth..." before He He established the clouds above, strengthened the fountain of the deep, gave the sea His decree and appointed the foundations of the earth.

"Then I was by Him, as one brought up with him [the Master Craftsman] and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him; Rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth; and my delights were with the sons of men [all humans]." Proverbs 8

That's why! 
If any of you lacks wisdom but wants it, ask God and He will give it to you!

For God is generous and delights to give to you His Wisdom and Understanding to hold each of your hands and befriend your heart, in this life and Eternity to come!

Love never fails!