Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pieces that make up the Puzzle of Life

These puzzle pieces don't mean much on their own, but when placed where they belong they bring the picture to life and give meaning to their existence.

Each have a form, color, texture and uniqueness all their own. Each contribute to a whole and fit only in their own place. Filling in a void of another piece or being made whole by the piece next to it.

This is a lot like each of us and our lives. Some people seem to 'fit' and each benefit from each others existence. Other pieces, or people, just don't fit, and no matter how hard you try to make them fit or you fit, it doesn't work.

There comes a time when the puzzle pieces finally come together and the object or subject matter becomes clear, distinct. The pieces that once were scattered and had no real connection join, fit in place and the puzzle is complete.

So, next time you wonder what's going on in your life, and you're trusting and relying on and in the Great Puzzle Maker, Creator God, know that your life's puzzle is in Good Hands. Pieces that you don't know what to do with or about, or where they fit, place them in the Hand of One who does know. For He alone knows what
the outcome picture is and will use you as a piece of a Greater Puzzle - His Sovereign, Loving and Perfect Will!

Realize, that the puzzle you were born into this world, you will be taken out of and placed in GOD's Puzzle of Life Everlasting. When the Holy Spirit transfers you, takes you out of the Puzzle of Bondage to Sin, He seals you in the Promise of Faith, Hope and Joy. And as Jesus said, the Spirit of Peace that He gives us as a deposit is not of this world, but is of His very own self, everlasting. 

So, take heart beloved and trust God that HE is filling in the pieces, of which you are one, and will bring this Glorious Puzzle to completion - and you too, in PERFECT LOVE!!

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