Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The god called Evolution

We're taught to "believe" the Religion of Evolution by anti-God leaders through the public educational system. This "theory" of Evolution, based on some inconclusive studies of one man has been used to form the belief of many that it is "fact and true" rather than just a theory. But, if you consider it logically it fails to make the grade.

This creature for example. Notice it's distinct features. The teeth, a mouth and whatever else you see. Now, how could this creature just happen? Evolution says it just 'did' and no designer was present or necessary for it to become.

How much "faith" does it take to believe that? More faith than logic ... that's why I say Evolution is a Religion. Man-made. Imagination (where did that come from?) and indoctrination for purposes of mass control.
(For those who believe we got here by aliens, this is what they may look like ... but "who" made them?).

Let's look at another creature.

This one is again totally different from the other. How can that be? How did Evolution accomplish this work of art? The texture is even different, it's shape, form. How did this come into being?

Now if you want a picture in your mind about what the god of Evolution (or those who worship it look like inside) here's a picture for you! Notice the slimy skin, the frowned mouth and the sucked in eyes. "Oh, bow down to this nothing creature for it made you?" I don't think so! 

Some choose to believe these lies, you don't have to. The God of the Universe is far GREATER than this little blob that HE created! 

The reason some choose "not" to believe in God is they are afraid, or they don't want Him. Being afraid is okay, because at least you're coming out from the Darkness of Ignorance, which is the spirit of the Evolution LIE. Not wanting God is another story. 

Each of us will choose where we will spend Eternity. We either receive God's gift of GRACE and MERCY and live Eternity with LOVE or we end up looking like this creature burning in the fires with Hate. You choose. 

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