Monday, April 13, 2009

Cast your cares

We would all do well to "cast our cares upon the LORD, for He cares for us, He will sustain us and will not let us be shaken." To have the God of the Universe helping each of us on this round ball in space, is better than trusting in ourselves or others. 

For what guarantee is there in something or someone who cannot control everything, know everything or have our best in mind and purpose? 

God will bring the evil down into destruction, but those who love Him and place their trust in Him will inherit the promises of God and brotherhood in Christ the LORD. 

Our cares are His cares, so share them with Him and let Him help you get thru it successfully! If you 'own' something you're more likely to take care of it. Own up to what you own and take responsibility. For "this too shall pass." Might as well get it right!

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