Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is there a volcano in your heart?

When anger arises like a volcano in your being it may feel something like this! There it "blows!" But, as the dust settles and things come back into view, you might find that there can be a Lava of Love to cover the blast.

In this world there are many difficulties, but with God at your helm the storms of life can be lessened and your success more apparent. Trust in the Lord your God and He will direct your feet and make your path clear.  Ask and allow the LOVE of God to cover the multitude of sins and cleanse your heart; give you a new one that's not enslaved to the flesh desires or of evil intent. 

The beauty of an explosion can be the beginning of Love and something wonderful. The power of Love helps us to forgive, forget and keeps us from fear. May the Love of God be the Lava that flows in and over your heart, into the lives of those around you! True Love casts out all fear, and if you hold to God's truth your anger will be transformed into something worth "blowing."

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