Saturday, March 21, 2009

Remember "Mr. Electric" in the Sharkboy and Lavagirl movie. He was the one who was suppose to work for the dreamer, instead his evilness took over and he wanted to ruin it for everyone.

Reminds me of someone. 

Some morals of the story: "Don't Dream a selfish Dream." 
"In destroying the dreams of others you in turn destroy your own." 
"Dreams, dreamt in darkness become nightmares."
"If you work hard and are focused you can make your life a dream."
"You can help make other's dreams come true."

"Mr. Electric" was intent on not allowing anyone to dream, but kept them on the endless roller-coaster ride, prisoners. He wanted to control everyone and prevent them from dreaming and fulfilling their dreams.

Also, "Mr. Electric" had the "Force" to answer to, who ruled over him (does TelePrompTer come to mind?) All the 'cords and plugs' doing his bidding. Stick some well known faces on those and you have this 'party'! Draining away the Light, making people zombies results in a powerful, ego-centric "Mr. Electric." 
(Notice how he looks "down" on those he speaks to ... seen that somewhere before?).

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