Sunday, March 15, 2009

God sure did a neat job designing "Spring!"

When God set out to make Spring Time He was ever so sweet in His intent and design!

Notice these little cuties and the sweetness of their being! From their orange webbed feet to the fuzzy feathers, little wings, just the right size beak and eyes, everything is functional, purposeful and wonderfully made!

In Psalms 139:14, David thanks and praises God for how He amazingly and wonderfully made 'him,' plus how miraculously and marvelous are His works! No one else could come close to doing what God has done and continues to do moment by moment, day by day ... Great is His Faithfulness! Amazing!

Even the Loveliness of these new, colorful tulips. See how different they are from the softness of the duckling's feathers yet, have a silky feel to them as well. Delicate. Fresh. Alive, with a distinct "scent" all its own. Now that's design, creative and wonderfully made.

Consider the elements they must battle just to come into being. Each has its own challenges and the desire to over come whatever the obstacles, to fulfill their God given purpose and main directive: grow, reproduce and multiple. 

They probably don't consider "life" the way human are built and designed to think about life and living. These ducklings and flowers just "are" and they exist whether anyone sees them or not. But, there is One who sees them and I'm sure smiles, as they splash along or wave in the breeze, unknowingly  that the very One who made them cares for them and considers them. "Precious are the thoughts of the LORD," so much more for those who love Him and allow themselves to be in awe of Him and His Wondrous, Magnificent, Marvelous works of creation!

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