Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What "Look" do your face convey?

First I'd like to present this picture, because it says a lot about people, life in general and reality. The expression of one so young having so much to convey is quite humorous to me, and you might just appreciate it as well! 

The eyes. Both seem to be doing something different from the other. One is "seeing" and the other "saying" something. Alert and conscious of what's going and how he/she "feels" about it ~ is effected. The eye brows, intent. 

The smug nose, like a little bull. Pink in the cheeks, saying, "I'm alive and I'm not happy about this situation, what you're doing and my blood is boiling!" 

The cute little mouth ... ready to explode! ... and you know it isn't going to be pleasant what comes out! Yet, nothing be said that is not already conveyed with the "look."

May whatever we direct our hands to do, and mouth to say, be inline with the

Royal Commandment

Love the LORD God, love your neighbor, love yourself,
live by Truth 
and help others. 

Be Classy! Quality in character. 
Be a Real American and don't fall for cheap imitations! 
You'll know them by their actions and deeds. 
Choose Goodness! & display honest Charity.

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