Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Final, FINAL Days

Something to consider when you view the news and where things are heading. Helps explain why those 'elects' who are suppose to be "representing the best interest of the American people!" are proceeding in the opposite direction.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The GALS visit La Posada Hotel, Winslow, AZ

The historical La Posada Hotel. Located in Winslow, AZ. Made a popular "Resting Place" for Santa Fe Railway travelers and a gathering place for well-knowns and celebrities, during the '30's.

Inspired by Fred Harvey, who "brought civilization to the West" with the introduction of fine dining and cuisine. Prepared by the top chefs, introduced on white linen, with silverware, china and crystal. All served by the impeccable Harvey Girls.

La Posada (Hacienda style), designed by Mary Colter, Southwest famous architect, was instrumental in many Fred Harvey Hospitality Company buildings (i.e. Grand Canyon, El Tovar).

Located on Route 66. Still accessible by Am Track.

MT. Bible Church GALS = God's Amazing Love Sustains!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Giving "Thanks" makes you feel GOOD!

If you don't agree just try it! Think about those things you have to be "Thankful" for and before you know it you'll be on a HAPPIER ROAD!

Want to expand your Happiness? > Do something Good for someone else + be giving! = A Happier and better you!

Want to experience even more Good! Give "Thanks" to the LORD of Host who made and Makes all Good things possible!

When you acknowledge the SOURCE you'll know what "Thanks" is really all about!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We've all had losses and times when our world crumbles around us.

Learning to deal with loss is something we all need to do. As this song reveals, we are never alone in our pain.

There is a Gentle Comforter, Who comes along side of us - giving to us real hope and safety - mending our broken and shattered hearts and helping us to continue on!

"Still" composed and sung by Dwayna Litz

Show Arranged by DesignsbyDianne

Saturday, October 24, 2009


With recent "decisions and happenings" dictated by those tainting the USA's good name and character - power grabs by slim and governing parasites - I thought it good to make some new lyrics to the "Imagine" song by Lennon.

I liked the music, but not his drug induced lyrics ~ antiGod and pro-pride and 'feelie good' to do what 'comes naturally' (lusts)!

Do we really want a change of heart and mind for the better, or believe the lies of those who supposedly "represent" us! They proclaim one thing but do the other and threaten non-compliers!

The mouth was made for a different reason then what comes out the back end! But, not for these power and control maniacs!

While looking up the lyrics I noticed that one site had changed "hell" to "people below us." Must not want to offend anyone or speak of such things. Don't want this truth to even be mentioned.

Closing our eyes to the truth is not the reality of this world or the one to come!

"Is" this world and life "really" about us, or is our 'high mindedness' and dilution ... imagination.

New lyrics for:

Imagine there's no corruption,
just give it a try
No Reid, Pelosi or Obama
Above us Truth, not lies.
Imagine real American's
being loving every day.

Imagine there's no evil
very tough to do,
True freedom to live for
quality and liberty too!
Imagine all the people
living in integrity.

If you say this is impossible
you have more sanity than some,
You don't have to join in
the misery of being 'one'.

Imagine no possessions
no wonder if you can!
No hope, only greed and hunger
anti-brotherhood of man.
Imagine all the masses
really 'sharing' all this world!

You may think I am a prophet
But I'm not the only one
I hope today you'll see thru
all the lies of the corrupted 'one'!

Make up your own lyrics, if you please! Remember you can be 'clear minded and grounded in Truth' when you consider your lyrics instead of being an air head or just living an imaginary, wishful thinking, unreality (while stealers and robbers take what is yours and leave you destitute!). Being made a Progressive slave.

The only true and loving way to live is living "in" the reality of the One who holds your life in His hands and your eternity. Truly fulfilling, living in Love, and using your imagination for the betterment of all mankind!

Live On!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do We "Really" Live in a Fallen World?

Is it true that we live in a fallen world and that's why there's all this unrest, killings, lying, greed, control, power and money grabbing? Or, have we just not evolved out of this 'growing up phase' of human advancement?

Considering the many years we've been working at this as "conscious, intelligent beings," you'd think we would've 'arrived' by now!

In our natural state of "being" human we seem to be "bent on destruction" even though a part of us desires "peace, happiness and good will!" Nation against nation, religion against religion and so on.

Like this little gal. Her cares are for the moment of "Joy" and inner being filled with "Life!" Desiring "Love, Tenderness, Appreciation, a Happy heart with a good future!"

In our society today, aborting a human baby is more acceptable than the thought of aborting a kitten or puppy! "How terrible, such a thought ... aborting a baby kitty or puppy."

But, a precious human baby in the womb, "Oh, that's different, they're not 'real' yet!" but a unborn kitten or puppy are?"

Politicians today state that "human life" need not be protected, unless it's their own skin!

Just goes to show how "programmed" we are becoming. "Numbed" to reality and taken in by the lies of this 'Fallen World' mentality! "Tare Mentality!" ~ weed thinking

Next time you hear about abortions being paid with your tax paying money, think of it as kittens and puppies being aborted instead of real human babies and maybe you'd "react" with repulsiveness to what is going on!

Evil begets evil. Remember ignorant Pagan sacrificing their babies to appease the gods? What kind of god is that who'd require giving a life, who has no voice, as a requirement? That is the god of this Fallen World!

Are we living in a Fallen World? If you say 'NO" you may be too far gone to recognize the truth or care. In which cast you could've been aborted and never existed - of no value - for all that matters! Who are you say?

Life matters. We know this to be true.

For those who've made mistakes in the past (in desperation), but have come to terms with the 'rightness' of protecting the unborn, God forgives and His Grace covers it. We move on, and have a change of heart and mind. We choose to act differently than before, when we were dumb to reality, God's truth. Allowing God to change us, knowing in our fallen nature we cannot.

If you understand the sickness and evidence of this Fall, you'll be better equipped to stand against it! Evil does exist in this Fallen World and calls itself "evolutionary, progressive, diverse" and is hauntingly prideful. Just like it's source, that preys on the innocent and ignorant.

Fight Fallenness by the Power of God's Truth. Sick people need healing, especially when they're taught to 'believe' their "Okay!" when they're not! None of us are. But God IS.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Is" the New Age Religion Trustworthy?

Remember when Clinton was on trial and he asked, "What the definition of 'is' is?" Now we knew he was 'back peddling' because he was caught lying. He wanted to deflect the focus off himself and placed it in the nebulousness of cloudy thinking - limbo thought - with no foundational truth.

It was revealed that his character was found to be faulty, based on lasciviousness, which he acted on to satisfy his own fleshly desires, regardless of his wife, high office or the respect of the American people.

Nothing new, we each have the temptation to lie or not tell the truth. Whether we choose to act on it or not, is consequential.

In the cosmos of New Age Collective Thought, "is" this (what he did) okay? OR, will this effect his next life?

Will he have to come back as a women and have a philandering, abusive husband in order to teach him the ugliness of his chosen behavior? What if he(she) kills the husband and doesn't get caught.

Before, he was just a fornicator/adulterer and now he/she is a murderer. What was he in the past life, some sort of animal? Is this his rising up the spiritual/evolutionary ladder?

That's a form or type of evolution. For one thing begets another! Instead of growing-up and maturing, we need only to "evolve."

When we were infants, most of us were taught about a Loving God who made everything: us, the earth, the sun/moon/stars, milky-way and even the air we breathed. We were thankful! For we saw and witnessed the beauty of this loving Creator.

As we aged this foundational truth and solidness of good living was being replaced in schools and societal living by another form of thinking stating there was no God - anti-God and Communistic teachings. Instead of honorable behavior, high standards and individual responsibility; drinking, smoking, drugs and promiscuous sex were promoted, especially in the movies and by the entertainment world.

The Love and knowledge of God, was being tossed out and mystical spiritualism of old was coming back in as the thinking of the day, tantalized fleshly appetites. Prompted by "If it feels good do it!. History repeating itself once again, when a upkeep of society's garden is not weeded or maintained, it falls into ruin.

These behaviors and ways of thinking, go against one's conscience and lead to feelings of guilt and shame. Deep down the individual knows what is right to do, but doesn't do it. The farther away one goes from knowing and living the truth of God, the less right living doesn't matter. No restrains or accountability to the True Authority.

The main goal is to "be happy!" But, this "Happiness" is a difficult thing to achieve because it's costly (requires alcohol, drugs, pornography, losing one's marriage and breaking of close and loving family ties), and is enslaving.

Reading the Bible was exchanged for reading mystic cards and palms, consulting the Board game, in attempts to transcend one's earthy body. Searching for real peace and transcending joy is an endless pursuit. Elation, is experienced, fleeting as it is, but no real base - substantial lasting truth and connecting joy.

No longer is there a person named Jesus, nor His Name lifted above all names. We'd been "taught" that he wasn't even real and that the Bible is not the Holy Book of God. That it was written by some Jewish men to control the masses (even though most Jew don't believe Jesus is the Messiah) ... and if anything, was made-up by the devil himself!

Which, if you think about, how can that be? If there's no God then there's no devil either. So why bother evolving? What does it matter?

Truth "is" and truth matters.

Truth doesn't "need" to evolve. For what would it evolve into? A greater Truth. It would still be in and of itself, Truth - it would have to be "true" to it's own being.

We notice in this Country (America the Beautiful) an increase in violence, promoted immorality, lowering of standards and values, which is disconcerting to many of us.

Why are things still so corrupt, after all these years of evolving?

Are we really "learning" what we're "suppose" to learn or evolving into this greater be-ing? Why's it taking so long to rise up the next spiritual step or rung on that nirvana ladder? To where is it leading and what'sthere? What guarantees are there? By what reality do we base anything on?

Who determines if we're spiritually mature enough to move on to a higher-spiritual-plane? Who "judges" when there "is" no measurement for "good" or "bad"?

Who are these Higher Beings who know so much? Why are they allowed to determine our fate?

Where did they come from?

What's the Source of their being, and ours if we join in?

Was Clinton right? There are many definitions of "is" depending on which "light" is shining on it at the moment!

Like the saying,"Shine a favorable light on his best attributes, and not his worse.""Show only what you want others to see. You don't have to show everything!"

What about the whole picture? What does the True Light show? Is there one?

When impurity, lack of accountability and indulging in the vices of our natural desires take over, we have a society which we are seeing today. There's an air of ungodliness, because there is no God, only a worldly god who says "you can be god." "Follow me and fulfill all your desires ... all your dreams come true! There is no heaven or hell."

Do you find this to be true or not? Are you living your godly dreams?

The Premise: Everything evolves ... but where did "everything" come from (source) to do all this evolving? Why do we have to evolve, to what end? Can't things be valued for what they are? Perfect just the way it "is" - like a sunrise, sunset, rainbow, a little duckling?

Where is all this evolving going to? Higher and higher, more air in the balloon ... reach higher. High is not high enough! "You must!" No ... "We must, evolve ..." "Together, we must rise above it all ..."

Isn't it more of a reality, that's there's a small group of powerful few leading all this "we-ism"? Reaping the benefits, harvesting the rewards of the labor of others! Now that "is" evolutionary!

Is everything evolving for the better? Since there is no "good" or "bad", "right" or "wrong" who the heck knows!!

When do we get to take a break from all this? Will "evolution finally come to a completion" so we can rest (smell the roses) and really start living and enjoying life - untethered?!! TRULY living our godliness!

Wasn't it good enough just to be, and stay a monkey, part of the ape family? They have a lot of fun and don't have to worry about evolving ... "You will evolve ..." "You vill ...!" "We Vill .."

Or, they had a choice, and certain Monkeys and Apes (who were the 'smart ones') decided, "No we won't. We're going to stay this way. You can't make us evolve!" They're the ones who played in the movie: Planet of the Apes!

There are divisions, agitators, carnal and perverted thinkers, acting out pitiful behaviors! Devoid of conscience of anyone but them- selves, much less the possibility of the Most High, "One" GOD!

That is the outcome, the consequences, of "No ... God!"

If everyone is taught that they can decide what is true or not, how is that played out and experienced daily in reality?

Social thought of this age is to "balance" out everyone's limited abilities or power to control matters around us - even our own thoughts. To promote that we are all connected, the same - "One" like the "Borg" on Star Trek!

The answer of liberal indoctrination is to lower the bar. Dumbing down. Isn't that the opposite of evolving?

Just like "Limbo Rock" how low can you go ... before you fall? Where does that lead us? Is it all fun and games, or is something more at stake?

We must still obey laws and pay taxes, even if we don't agree or don't want to, or we suffer the punishing consequences. That is, unless you're higher up the evolution ladder - you're excused. Hummm. Evolutionary political double-standard, that's a tricky one!

If we are gods, we shouldn't have to pay! Why are those in higher social status living their dreams and using us to acquire them?

If anything, we should be given everything freely! For we are higher beings of a Collective, we should be treated divinely!

This World System must evolve to give us not only our daily bread, but abundance of whatever we want, when we want it!

Something is "wrong" if leaders dictate to us to do their bidding, not them ours! Aren't we all equals! All evolving together? What happened to "We"?

What some of our greater leaders say isn't what they do! Then they do what they don't even tell us what they're doing! Saying it's all for the good of the Collective Whole, but we don't experience the benefits - as they shake hands, pat each other on their backs and smile!

One World "We-ism" under the guise of evolution. Under the thumb of "ownership". You "vill" believe what we teach you to believe ..."

It's not "right" that we are given a title (godship) without the power, just the "belief." Where's the beef?

Instead we are taught, unknowingly, to rely on the teaching from a spirited-filled realm of fallen angels (i.e. spirit guides) and the leading deceiver who promotes ignorance of the Truth - less we discover "Truth" and are set free!

We believe "Channelers" who hear from these fallen spirits, who know more than we know. They see us, but we can't see them. Do we give ourselves over to these "angels" who say they will be our friends, and help us get what we want in this world. Believe that? Stake your life on it?

Books are written and vain philosophies believed, because they fit our "feel good" natural tendencies and desires, elevating us into "becoming the gods we were intended to be!" Without of course, the real Truth of who we are here and now. We eat, poop, bleed, need air and have no idea how our body works much less our souls (where "I" reside and when "me" leaves this body where I/me goes, if anywhere).

We're all taught that we are all "One," evolving and becoming what we were meant to be! If that's true why are we more of the wagging "tail" instead of the determining "head?"

If we have "this amazing secret, all-knowing knowledge inside of us" why are we not in grand-decisions-making positions?

Who "is" the head of this "One" body?

The Holy Bible, that says it speaks of and for the Truth, is the very book the New Age Collective rejects. Or, just takes out pieces that support its belief and twists truthful sayings to fit its agenda.

God's Words don't tickle our carnal ears or make us feel "gooey" inside - no higher plane ecstasies - like being high on drugs or alcohol! This Words is meat and potatoes. The very fabric by which this world was designed and created. Revealing, that this show is not really about"us" but someOne else. Which is actually a blessing, since we're not doing too well evolving!

This Book says we are to "believe" God. Where the New Age (really Old Age Tower of Babel Pagan Thinking) and Progressive thought, says the opposite. That God, in fact, is a liar.

God's Book says that we are created in the likeness of Adam and Eve's CREATOR GOD who Loves us, who sent His Son to rescue us! Redeem us. Re-connect us from being alienated from God. Reuniting, you and me unto Himself.

Reclaiming and restoring our conscious state from "not believing" Him, to taking Him for His Word. Wrapping us in Truth and Goodness!

How can we trust or rely on Him, who is the Truth, when we don't know Him, or know about Him? The fallen angels know Him and they tremble. They know that HE "Is" the holder of Eternal LIFE - not make-believe wishful or delusional thinking, which they promote.

Do we need to evolve, or do we really need "Life Regenerating Power," transforming us into the real likeness of what and who God intended us to be from the beginning ... before the Fall?

If we are really dead in transgressions, destitute of true life - living instead a Lie - does it not behoove us,and our future depends on knowing that truth! Living "What 'is'" instead "What 'isn't'!"

If God's Truth and Supremacy are true, then the other is not. IF God's Truth is not your truth, what do you have?

Reality: One cannot teach the Truth if they don't know what it "is." They can only teach what they know, have heard or imagined.

In this World, the god of the age does not want us to know Truth, and he'll do everything in his power to keep us from knowing the ONE God who Loves us with an everlasting Love.

We come into this world without anything, and we will go out with nothing. "Can't take it with you when you go!"

But, if you receive in your heart and your being, the Living Word of God, transitional death from this world into a Heavenly Eternity body "is" worth the ride! We will see Him face to face!

That's why Truth says, "Rejoice! Again, I say Rejoice!"

For the True Judge is Just
and you have an Advocate who's Faithful and True!

Instead of reading your palms,
read God's Psalms!

"Glory to God in the Highest!"
with "Thanksgiving!"

For more informational truth, Q&A's: http://www.lesfeldick.org/lesqa.html

Or, insight into the New Ages Liberal Religion.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Always Another Tomorrow

This title is a hopeful saying to hear, but is it true in real life? Tomorrow is always tomorrow and never really becomes today.

It sounds more like a title for a James Bond movie. As you know there have been a number of actors who've played the 007 role, and not all are having that "always another tomorrow" experience today!

Just as the James Bond character is fictitious, so are many of these casual statements we say or hear daily. Fluffy, airy and wispy sayings that make the world all sound "OK." "All is well."

In fact, we know that "all is not well" and not all change is for the best. That there are forces at work and people in this world that do not look out for our good, and if anything desire and are bent on the opposite!

Some people's "tomorrows" are ending today - no more "being" in this realm of existence. Sad, if their lives were cut short by evil doings, ignorance or unwise choices. Fortunate, for those who are suffering with a fatal illness - sooner is better.

Unlike these many James Bond actors, there is only one of us - you and me.

That too can be a blessing! Or, if the way we live our lives impact the lives of others so beneficial, that other's would appreciate there be more of us! Then our character would be good to duplicate! Character worth aspiring towards!

There are some people you know that really help make things better and run smoother - you may even be one of those people! Character traits that promote quality, integrity and high standards and respectable morals, where everyone wins! (except those who are against these foundational social elements).

Some of the character traits of this license to kill British spy are found in reality, but are they truly depicted for what they are? He's licensed to kill, but only to kill the bad people! He has sex with voluptuous women (one to the perks of his job), which later in the movie die or go their own way (no lasting relationships, no concern for sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy).

He's suave, confident. Better than others! He can drink a lot and not get drunk. Smoke, yet not be addicted. Play cards and win. Be drugged and poisoned, yet find a way to survive.

He rates "10's" across the board! He's someone we'd all want to have on our side! Some males dream of being him in real life! Many females agree with their dream!

We all know that in reality no one can be that way, it's not humanly possible. And that "our tomor-
rows" will one day come to an end, probably when we least expect it.

If we live today like there's no tomorrow, we may find our life shorted, or elongated depending on our choices (or the choices of others and events that happen beyond our control - 9/11).

What is important to us and how we see ourselves, in relation to others and what we think or believe will determine how we live each day, even our tomorrows.

Are we holding ourselves accountable for our lives, what we do or don't do, to make sure we are truly "living" and not just going thru the motions {playing the background void when we're suppose to be the star of our own life movie}?

Are you looking forward to tomorrow? Thinking, there always will be one? Or, are you consciously aware that what is today may not be here tomorrow? Reality - versus - wishful thinking and unrealistic imaginations.

Live today while the living is good!
Living good today, while you're among the living!

Realizing that unlike 007, you are not given a license to kill, you will get drunk if you drink too much, you won't always win at cards, if you have promiscuous sex you most likely will contact a sexual transmitted disease, drugs and poison can and likely result in your death (in one way or the other - accidents), not everyone will adore you or respect you and what you do today may cancel out your always another tomorrow!

When our name is called up yonder,

or our number's up,

do we know where we will spend our tomorrows?

Among the Living
living dead ...

a limbo void of no tomorrows!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Bullet Point Considerations

Are we really in charge of our lives and where we are heading > or
are we just delusional puppets?!

As we go along in this world and life, we come across many venues and byways that require us to make choices. We are constantly going in some direction or another. Some are clearer than others.

Go this way or go that way.
Do this or do that.
This is best.
Restrain from this, reject that.

OR we choose - against our better judgement - to indulge in and succumb to life-sucking additions, actions and thoughts. Which brings us down the road into darkness, excuses, fault finding and enslavement.

Bullet Point Questions:

* What road of life are you on and where is it taking you? Do you want to go?

* What are you choosing to do or not do today? What will be the results?

* Is Love your guiding light or something else?

* Do you have "Faith" in something that is Faithful and True?
Or are you faith-less?

* Do you long for a different Life, and to be a better you?!

Bullet Point Thoughts:

* The way we 'choose' to live our lives is our choosing. Our choices can be modified and corrected, if need be - there is a way to change for the better!

* In this life we will have challenges. We can choose how to handle these challenges - wisely or unwisely.

* Death is a reality - who you choose to be here determines what awaits you and where!

We have a choice in this matter too ... don't be too headstrong & so sure about this and choose ignorantly - basing your ETERNITY on a pride issue or dismissal. Choose door #1 - The One who stated: "I AM the door."

* Fear can be used as motivator, as well as Love. Both can be used for GOOD or misused to manipulate, control and abuse. Do you use fear or does it use you?

* Faith is a substance of things hoped for, and a knowing that something will become, or manifest. What we imagine and place our energies in will result in something, one way or the other. Something that "adds" to our lives and benefits others, or subtracts.

* The directions you have available today, now, may not be the same later, or even tomorrow. Consider your lot.

Choose well your * Bullet Point * life decisions!

For what you choose - to aim at - will determine your life here on earth AND whether or not your name will be found later in the BOOK OF LIFE ... or not.

This is one BOOK you will NOT want to miss out on, nor having your name not included IN!

If your heart is filled with sadness.
Or you struggle with despair,
Turn to God, who'll bring you gladness
When you sense His love and care. - Sper

Monday, August 24, 2009

Is a Lie a Lie for all, or just a Few?

We've all heard the saying, "What's true for you isn't necessarily true for me."

Let's flip this statement over and say it this way: "What is a lie for you isn't necessarily a lie for me."

How does that sound? Right, or goofy ~ ?

If a lie is a lie, is it "really" a lie?

Do we choose to view a lie as something that effects others, but not ourselves?

Are we "Exclusivist"? Our truths are our truth, because they're ours!

Can we pick and choose what is true - not true - like selecting melons and fruit in the grocery store?

Are we smart enough to know the difference to make the selections for our lives and the lives of our loved ones? "This one is good, ripe ... this one is rotten, spoiled."

If someone tells you a lie, thinking OR believing it's true, does that make it true? or is it still a lie?

If you're taught something that's a lie, how do you know it's a lie? What can you compare it to ... or with ... the truth? What's that?

If your truth is different from someone else's how can you know!!

Will the real Truth stand up! Pleaseee!

This may all sound very simple and even a waste of time or thought. But consider this: If you're living a lie rather than what's true, do you want to continue living that way?

If a person tells you the truth, but you don't agree with them, what are you saying to them? You're saying in effect, that what they're telling you isn't really true!

ARE you accusing them of being then ... a liar - an assertion that's based on a lie and not the truth ... how can that be?!

Is that fair and right that you don't believe them, because you believe something else ... what are you believing? Truths or lies?

Your thoughts and actions will reveal what's inside of you!

Are lies exclusive to only some? Or, is a lie just that ... a lie = opposite of the truth!

If your life is based on lies, then that's what you're living - that's what you're teach your children, who teach theirs! And that's how you relate to your friends, too. You are responsible for perpetuating the lie!

Will "ignorance" justify or excuse you? Ask your children, your friends, family. What do you see in them? What do they see in you?

If you choose the lie and act ignorantly - just to continue to live the fake and "easy, un-life" of the lie - there will be ugly consequences! You probably have experienced them already. And, you will be experiencing more and more if don't jump off that path!

If you tell your child who's hammering a nail, "Watch that you don't hit your thumb or fingers, it'll hurt!" And they look at you in disbelief, you know they'll find out sooner or later what you said it true. It was true for you and it'll be true for them!

Just like cleaning your house or pulling weeds from your garden. It's better if you take the trash (lies) out of your home (your thinking and the way you choose to live your life) or it'll stink up the whole house - rotten egg smell - everyone is effected!!

Do you bring lovely flowers into your home and place them on your dining room table for show, or bring in thorns and weeds? Why then, bring in and allow the weeds and crawly things (lies) inside yourself to show outwardly!

If you say you want the best for your children or those you profess to care about - then act accordingly - don't feed them rotten-sickly-stinking lies!! Instead give them the good-solid-nourishment of TRUTH!

If you don't know what's true, find out!

Your life depends on it! your children's lives and their children to come!

You choose!

Live the life of lies, and be a liar


Invite Truth into your life and live in Truth!

You'll feel better
so will those you love

and who love you!

(unless the "LIE" IS Loved more)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Casting Dispersions of Blame!

Do we cast the blame and point our finger at others in order to take the focus off of ourselves, or point the spotlight away from our failings and inadequacies?

Are we bent on justifying ourselves and diverting attention from the real problem, the source of our shame, guilt or self-loathing?

If you admit, "Yes, I do!" you're not alone!

It's human nature not to want to fess-up to the truth of our own lacking(s) and inadequacies in character. Our pride is hurt and we get angry. We want to strike out verbally or physically.

Or, we pout. We have a pity party and invite only self-serving thoughts that make us feel better about ourselves, while casting blame and ill will on others. They are the ones at fault! not us!

We build up our walls of defense and buffer ourselves from having to consider the truth or do something about the recognizable facts. We do whatever we can to continue and preserve (protect) the lie: "As long as you're happy!" you're okay!

We deny the truth and want others to also. To appease us and treat us with kit gloves, even if our problems are self inflicted, or unchecked appetites.

If their happiness bugs us, because it depends on us being responsible, or reminds us of our failings, (a choice that supposedly makes us happy) we attack, confront, punish them and show them their "error" and falut!

Casting the blame will not help us be our best. And putting the blame on others will not make us better, or cure our vile nature. Denying, ignoring, excusing the obvious does not make it go away. Either we deal with it or it will deal with us ... may result in us being dealt out of the deck of Life, if left unchecked.

Regardless our "problem" the real cause can only be fixed when we admit the truth and want to be set free from the bondage. If we deny the problem and keep pointing elsewhere instead of the source of the problem - our own selves and heart - we are at fault! We commit ourselves to the pit, and lead loved ones to same doom and despair!

Our behavior will follow and reveal what is in our heart. The standard for normal behavior, or "good behavior" is cast out in order to continue abnormal and bad behavior. Justifying it and calling it "progressive" or "real." Instead what it really is - distasteful and a sign of corruption - rotten egg smell, spoiled! Moral decay and undisciplined.

We cannot expect other to love us unconditionally when we in fact don't do the same - or are deluded to think that we do but in reality we don't! We fall for that lie all the time, because we want to "justify" our own self centeredness and unbecoming behavior - so we can feel okay, comfortable, regardless.

What can we do then, to rid ourselves of this ugliness, this bent to justify or excuse our rudeness; to discourage the negative behavior that is rooted in dominating lies?

First, admit there's a problem that needs to be fixed. Really desire to "know" what to do, change life tracks. Seems simply enough, but try it. Our nature will rebel and our thoughts will strongly go against taking responsibility; or fight against not conforming to our "I want what I want when I want it!" and "I want to feel good, regardless of others, or what they think!" See how many family's have been broken, shattered, because of this sickness and enslavement (consumed by darkness of the lie).

There's a person who has the solution for this and our many other problems we have, or will have. Do you know what he said?

"Cast your cares on me, let me help you!"

Do you know who said this?

For you who do know, you'd do well to take him up on his offer to help! For you who don't know who said this, you need to find out. Because he can help, and there are few who will put up with our self-serving antics with true unconditional love!

Instead casting blame and accusations, cast your cares on the one who really loves you and can help free you from your bondage.

It begins with, "Lord, help me!"

He will introduce you to the overcoming power of Truth, and give you that needed breath of saving grace, to prevent you from drowning in despair in this reality and in the eternal one to come! ... forever.

Beats the alternative!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Unveiling Your Heart's Eyes

Did you know that the eyes of your heart have a veil over them, preventing you from seeing and knowing the Truth - if you've not had the veil lifted by the Supreme Source?

If you don't agree consider: Do you know how you were put together in your mother's womb? Why you have the personality you have without even trying? Why you know how do some things really well - you have a talent that you were born with, and you did nothing, but discover it. And even that, someone helped you realize the value of your gift, talent.

Are you mathematically inclined? Are you creative? Do ideas just fly in your head from who knows where and they bring you success or enable you to fix a problem, build something? Are you able to be engrossed for hours doing mind puzzles or examining intricacies? Where did all these abilities and unseen talents, personalities and cognizant performances originate? Do you know the Truth of the Matter?

If you can fess up and say, "No, I don't know." You are on your way to having the blinders taken off!

The veil that exists over the eyes of your heart can be lifted! How? By knowing Truth and having it be a BIG part of you and your life!

The song about Santa Claus, "who sees us when we're sleeping ... knows when we've been bad or good ..." differs from the Truth who really knows our heart. What you don't know about yourself, or think you know, is NO match for One who knows
E-V-E-R-Y T-H-I-N-G!

No matter how much you know, if you heart is blind, all your knowing will bring you to not, if you don't know the Truth! Denying, rejecting, being above it all (imagining) will keep your heart in darkness, blindness - veiled.

So, instead of being puffed up with pride, willing ignorant, foolishly rebellious or dismissing the facts (thinking no harm will come to you because you will it away or thwart its existence), wise up and reason with Truth.

We don't live forever here on this planet, but with Truth we can live forever with Love.

For Truth IS Love.

Allow TRUTH to slay away that which veils your heart
from knowing the real LOVE OF GOD.

You'll Love the difference,
seeing what you've been blinded from knowing!
(only dreaming about)!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

As Long as You're Happy!

We like to be Happy and other's to be Happy as well ...
that is until we bump heads - when one's happiness
ruins ours! For what makes one happy may not make the someone else happy.

It's a nice thought for everyone to be happy and get along. The reality in this world though is in order for some to be happy they take away "your happiness" for their own gain. Consequently leaving you, unhappy!

Or, like parents. You want you're children to be happy, but you desire them to be a healthy happy - not happy only when they're drunk, on drugs or being disgusting! That steals away your happiness, doesn't it? Not the type of happiness we desire!

For some being inconsiderate makes them happy! Stealing, lying, abusing their power, controlling, belittling, conning, ridiculing, on and on it goes with no regard of anyone but themselves. Do you want these sort of egoistic, self-centered people to be happy? I don't!

For them to be happy means causes many to be unhappy and regardless of the fairness or lack of, it's not our responsibility or duty to allow them to do what they do just to make themselves happy!

So, let's get rid the saying, "I just want you to be happy!" The truth is, we want the person to be GOOD and LOVING - and be happy being that way!

To have that goodness inside manifest itself on the outside as something worthwhile in this world - a plus to you and other - beyond oneself and selfishness!

Now, think how much Happier we'd all be!

Those who pervert happiness don't deserve having it anyway!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why GOD Created Us?

"But as it is written, `Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.'" I Corinthians 2:9

Why did God do it all? You know I've had questions come in over the phone such as, "Well if God knew that the world was going to end up in such a mess, and that men would rebel so, then why did He ever make them in the first place?"

Well it all boils down to that question we've had since we were kids. Who am I, where did I come from, and why am I here. Why are we here? We're objects of God love. Now to be an object of love, what does the giver expect in return? Love, and that's why He made the human race.

Angels couldn't respond, and so He made the human race with that indwelling attribute of will to either respond to His love or to reject it. And so that's why He had to bring Satan on the scene so we could exercise that choice, otherwise there would be no will exercised. So the whole program of the human race was that God could have prepared people to fellowship with. And to return or extend His love to them that had responded of their own free will to His love. And that's why we are here, and that's why the vast majority of mankind are given the free option to reject it if they want to. Remember, God doesn't want someone in His Heaven if they can't respond to His love. But to those who respond to His love, He's prepared things ...

Oh listen, the world out there I know thinks that we're a bunch of kooks, and fanatic nuts, and I know they do. And I just tell them, "Hey, live it for 70 or 80 years." So what. But I've got an eternity of the things that will make the best this earth can offer seem like an old pig pen by comparison. But you see they can't understand that we have simply responded to an extended love, and that's why He went to the Cross; it was love. Now what was the final eternal purpose? Paul doesn't really tell us here in Ephesians Chapter 3, but if you will come on over to II Timothy Chapter 1 we will find out.

II Timothy 1:7,8

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (the world may think we're nuts, but God knows better). Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God;"

Now listen what kind of power are we talking about? We're talking about the kind of power that can fling the stars, planets, sun and the moon into orbit without the benefit of a rocket or computers, and they never bump into one another, they're all out there in perfect synchronization. That's the kind of power we're talking about. I mean it's mind boggling.

II Timothy 1:9

"Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works (see how The Bible put down works for Salvation?), but according to his own purpose..."

You know back in the Book of Acts, Peter makes it so evident that before anything was ever created the Triune God had a meeting in eternity past, not that they had to sit around the table and banter it back and forth, but nevertheless the Trinity got together and agreed on creation, on mankind, knowing that he would sin, and they set up the plan of Salvation out of which the Son would come down and die, and be raised from the dead. That's all part of this eternal purpose that God implemented before anything was ever created. Now finishing that verse.

II Timothy 1:9

"Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,"

Isn't that glorious? I mean this is past human understanding, you and I are here today as recipients of His grace, but God knew about us way, way back before anything was created. We're not an accident in time, we are according to His divine and eternal purpose. Now let's return to Romans Chapter 5 again for a few moments.

Remember verse 1 says, we have this peace that passeth all understanding. Peace with God. How many people have to lay their head on the pillow at night and toss and turn until their guilt complex runs rough shod over them. They know they're not at peace with maybe fellow men or maybe with government and certainly not with God. But the believer can put his head on the pillow and be at perfect peace with his Maker. Know that the work of the Cross has settled everything. Know that all these promises are true - if we believe them, we rest on them. [Enter into His Rest.]

{Inserted thought: These promises and truths are not based on "our believing them" to be true or not! They are true, period. And, that's why we believe them. No cart before the horse, or egoistic, deluded - imagination! That's Satan's lie: "you can be as gods ..."}

Romans 5:2

"By whom also we have access (how?) by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.."

In other words God's unmerited favor has just opened the windows of Heaven, and made it accessible to every human being anywhere and everywhere. But there has to be a door of access, and what is it? "FAITH!"

Remember when we first started our series of lessons on Romans. I gave many of the things that God did the moment we believed. He sanctified us, He forgave us, He justified us, He glorified us, He baptized us into the Body, and on and on we went. And I said about everyone of them - "did you feel it when it happened? Could you see it when it happened? Could your neighbors see it when it happened?" So how do we know these things happened? The Book says so! And that's faith! Everything becomes a reality then by faith.

Ephesians 3:10,11

"To the intent that now (after the finished work of the Cross and the revelation of this great Gospel of Grace) unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church (the true believers) the manifold wisdom of God, According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord:"