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How Much of the Holy SPIRIT Do You Want Living Inside Of You?

We think we want all we can have of the Holy Spirit to live and dwell inside of us! but we have an enemy of our soul that battles against this happening. Some want only enough to get to Heaven.
Tozer states we are as full as we want to be, and thinks it's either all or little, but God shows us by His Word, its something we 'grow into' if we're drinking from His Living Water and eating His Unleavened Bread!

Las Vegas PSYOP DRILL ~ More Surveillance and Backscatter Machines

It's difficult for people to believe the truth, especially when propaganda media serves out the Lies.

This has been going on for years - LIARS promoting lies over the Truth for their own personal gain and the enslavement of the populous.

Forcing people to lie for them, who aren't seasoned LIARS like themselves. So people like you and me will "believe" their fabrications. May the LORD deal with them harshly!